100-year-old Miss Siam

They say that age is but a number and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, it seems that these famous sayings both apply to Ms. Wanee Sakuldoem Laokiat, the 100-year-old Miss Siam winner that went viral after getting her Covid-19 vaccine. 

Netizens were so impressed with the former beauty queen’s flawless appearance that they stopped and took photos with Ms. Laokiat. After posting the images on Facebook, people were quick to comment on the centenarian’s timeless beauty.

Let’s see what netizens have to say about the former Miss Siam.    

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Goes viral after Covid-19 vaccine

100-year-old Ms. Wanee Sakuldoem Laokiat, who won Miss Siam 1935, went viral after she received her Covid-19 vaccination on 22nd June 2021. Formerly “Evelyn” Laokiat, this pageant winner’s ageless beauty quickly became the talk of the town, according to Line Today via Khaosod.

Netizens have shared a post comparing Ms. Laokiat now with those from her 1935 win. It has since been shared 1.4K times and boasts 53K likes on Facebook at the time of writing.

100-miss-siamScreenshot: หนูน้อยบนยอดเขาอันหนาวเหน็บ

Netizens seem to truly appreciate her ageless beauty and are pouring in to give the Miss Siam winner compliments.

100-miss-siamScreenshot: หนูน้อยบนยอดเขาอันหนาวเหน็บ


Netizen 1: She’s naturally beautiful and still looks 30 years younger than her age.

Netizen 2: She’s still beautiful even though she’s reached this age. You don’t even have to see a picture from her younger years for comparison to know she was extremely beautiful.

Screenshot: หนูน้อยบนยอดเขาอันหนาวเหน็บ

Translation: Her skin still looks smooth, her hair is still thick, and she has a sweet vibe! Granny is so pretty!


Screenshot: หนูน้อยบนยอดเขาอันหนาวเหน็บ

Translation: The granny is still pretty! I’ve even asked for a photo with her!

What’s the “Miss Siam” contest?

The Nasao Siam, or Miss Siam, contest was first held in 1934. It was the first beauty pageant in Thailand, and was organised by the Plaek Phibulsongkram’s government, according to the Nation Thailand

In 1939, the competition’s name and winning title was changed to Nangsao Thai, which translates to “Miss Thailand”.

Miss Siam contestants from the 1930s.
Image credit: Line Today via Khaosod

When Thailand was able to participate in the Miss Universe pageant, “Miss Thailand” title-holders were chosen to represent the country in the global competition. 

Dr. Apisamai Srirangsan was the last “Miss Thailand” titleholder that was chosen as Miss Universe Thailand in 1999. After that, “Miss Universe Thailand” had replaced the Miss Thailand Organisation, reports Thai PBS World

100-miss-siamMs. Apisamai Srirangsan
Image credit: Thai PBS World

You have probably seen this Miss Thailand winner countless times in the news, because she’s also the spokeswoman of the Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA).

Image credit: The Nation Thailand

Thailand’s big on beauty pageants

It seems that Thailand’s beauty pageant contestants continue to be popular, even decades after their time on stage. Take Miss Siam 1935, she’s still breaking the internet after she went for her Covid-19 vaccination, even though she’s best known for her beauty pageant win from over 60 years ago.

Beauty is truly timeless, and it’s great to see people exemplify this. If you’re looking for more examples of poise, grace and smartness, Amanda Obdam is Thailand’s recent Miss Universe Thailand title holder. Besides being Miss Universe Thailand, she’s also a regular volunteer and entrepreneur.

Is your country big on beauty pageants? Would you recognise a pageant winner after 60 years?

Cover images adapted from: หนูน้อยบนยอดเขาอันหนาวเหน็บ 

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