Miss Grand Myanmar in Thailand

On 1st February 2021, Myanmar entered a state of emergency one day before democratically elected State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi was to be sworn in. The decision was made by Myanmar’s military entity, the Tatmadaw, who deemed the elected party’s, the National League of Democracy (NLD) victory invalid. 

This has caused many Myanmar citizens, like Han Lay – who represented the nation at Miss Grand Myanmar Pageant 2020 in Thailand – to ask for international aid. 

Responses to Myanmar’s current situation

Myanmar’s Miss Grand calls for global aid

Citizens caught speaking ill of the Myanmar military are said to be put in prison. 

However, Han Lay still decided to speak on behalf of other Myanmar nationals at the Miss Grand International Pageant in Thailand: on 27th March 2021, Myanmar’s representative took to the stage and asked international organisations to mitigate the situation in Myanmar.

Miss Grand Myanmar Han Lay To Remain In Thailand After Requesting Help During Pageant Image credit: @hann_may

“Myanmar citizens cannot do anything, they can’t stop the military. Right now we are calling for help from the international community, we need the UN to help very urgently”, said Han Lay, as shared by Thaiger

Residence in Thailand

Her speech has since gained worldwide attention. Following Han Lay’s address, the Miss Grand International Organisation has offered to financially support Miss Grand Myanmar for the next three months, and even apply for a work permit on her behalf.  

Miss Grand Myanmar Han Lay To Remain In Thailand After Requesting Help During Pageant Image credit: @hann_may

Miss Grand Myanmar also may be eligible to apply for refugee status in Thailand. 

Using your voice for others 

It can be difficult, and even dangerous, to speak out against what you believe is wrong. It’s admirable when those with available platforms can advocate on behalf of others – it fosters a sense of togetherness and empowers the community to help each other. 

Making a difference

Cover images adapted from: @hann_may (Left), @hann_may (Right)

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