Mhae Pimjai Tago – Where To Find Authentic Thai Desserts In Bangkok 

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Mhae Pimjai tago in Bangkok

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Tucked away in Wang Lang Food Centre where locals frequent for yummy food is Mhae Pimjai Khanom Tago Kati Sod. This store serves freshly prepared tago, a traditional Thai pudding dessert made with coconut milk and various toppings. Mhae Pimjai has 12 different flavours to try at pocket-friendly prices.

What to try 

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Thai locals love coconut milk-based desserts because of the mix of sweet and salty, which help balance out the flavours. That’s why tago remains a well-loved classic dessert in Thailand. 

We had lots of toppings to pick from, so we did the best thing and got them all. Mhae Pimjai sells their desserts in sets too, starting from ฿50 for 4 pieces and ฿75 for 6 pieces

mhae pimjai tago

Here are the different flavours to try:

  • Green peakpoon (made from palm sugar)
  • Blue sagu
  • Thapthim Krop (red ruby)
  • Black glutinous rice
  • Purple sweet potato
  • Black sesame
  • Pumpkin
  • Taro
  • Ginkgo
  • Corn
  • Millet
  • Water chestnut

mhae pimjai tago thamthip krop

The tagos come served in kratong leaf bowls, and each flavour was well balanced in terms of the coconut custard and toppings. Our favourite was definitely Thapthim Krop, which had a good mix of textures from the soft custard and jelly and crunchy red water chestnut bits. 

Try some authentic tago at Wang Lang

mhae pimjai store

Tago has always been Thai local’s favourite for its simple yet tasty flavours. If you have never tried it before, head to Mhae Pimjai if you’re visiting Wang Lang market. But don’t forget to come early since it runs out fast!

Mhae Pimjai Khanom Thai Kati Sod
Location: Wang Lang Food Centre, 1st Floor, opposite to Siriraj Hospital
Opening Hours: 8:30AM – ~2PM (Till stocks last), Daily
Telephone: +66 90 975 3318

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