Making merit in the 21st century

Buddhists in Thailand love to make merit by donating cash to temples as it is believed that good karma will put them in a better position in their next life. 

Unfortunately, this is also a golden opportunity for some thieves to steal a bunch of cash from one place – but there’s always a hero to save the day. 

Image credit: Wasan Bunditsen

Earlier this week, Facebook user Wasan Bunditsen in Kalasin posted a picture of what’s supposed to be a tree of merit money. However, most of the cash was replaced by a bunch of transaction receipts. 

The caption read, “Making merit during the 5G era.”

Netizens ‘bought’ this idea

After the photo made headlines, a lot of comments gave Mr. Bunditsen’s idea a big thumbs up.


Translation: What a theft-proof idea. LOL.


Translation: Even making merit is being disrupted [by technology].


Translation: Dang! What a fabulous idea.


Translation: Besides protecting the cash, it will also be easy to keep track of all the donated money.

Mr. Wasan Bunditsen’s idea has definitely given all the thieves a run for their money. 

Featured image adapted from: Wasan Bunditsen

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