Mercedes the rescue dog

mercedes the rescue

Image credit: SALON DIO and gofundme

Whether rescuing dogs from floods, or trying to reunite a lost pup with its owner, stories about doggos will always warm our hearts. A recent story about Mercedes the rescue did just that. 

SALON DIO shared the story of Mercedes, who had been rescued from a food market in Bangkok. When found, she was extremely obese and unhealthy. She was rescued by a fosterer who helped bring the pup back to a healthier weight range, though Mercedes now carries excess skin from her weight loss. 

Mercedes was known amongst locals in the area

The post mentioned that Mercedes, who was also known as Kanoon, Benz, or Kiwi, had been popular with the locals in the area. People would take photos with her whenever they spotted her too. 

mercedes the rescue dog post

Translation: If anyone has been to Udomsuk before, they may be familiar with this dog – Kanoon, Benz, or Kiwi. Those are her different names that locals around here use. People who walk by usually take a picture with her. 


The post continues to say that when Mercedes had gone “missing”, many assumed that she had passed away. Fortunately, the dog had been rescued by a local fosterer that took her in and started nursing her back to health.

She disappeared for a year, and we all think she already dead. Actually, she was saved by someone who takes care of her and raises funds for her medication. She’s in Canada now. It’s really good for her. 

Some commenters talked about their own experiences with Mercedes, and many gave her encouragement. One user even recalled how she used to meet the pup, whom she knew as Benz, while on the way to work a few years ago:

mercedes the rescue dog

Translation: I know her as Benz. She’s very cute and friendly. I met her almost everyday when commuting to work almost 2 years ago. We were really close. I hadn’t seen her for a year and thought she’d died. It’s really surprising to know how lucky she is now. That’s really good.


The story of a chubby Mercedes

Those who have been to Udomsuk Market in Bangkok might have seen this overweight dog sleeping in front of 7-11, or even walking around the streets very slowly. The locals dubbed her with many names over the years and have grown fond of her. 

mercedes the rescue dog in thailand

A picture of Mercedes’s posted by a local living around Udomsuk Market.
Image credit: เอกรัฐ อ่องคำ

Mercedes used to belong to one of the market’s store owners, but after her master passed away, no one had the time to devote to taking care of her. This eventually led to the pup’s dangerous weight gain after vendors in the area would offer her food whenever they saw her, resulting in overfeeding. 

mercedes overweight dog

Image credit: gofundme

Luckily, she was found by a fosterer who helped take care of Mercedes and make her lose her weight, putting the canine on her road to recovery. 

Today, she requires body surgery to remove excess skin from her weight loss. 

Mercedes’ road to recovery in Canada

In order to help fund Mercedes’ medical journey, Canadian Genevieve Smith volunteered to launch a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for her surgery. She also shared that a vet in Ottawa, Canada, has agreed to conduct the necessary procedures for the pup. 

mercedes in canada

Mercedes meets Dr. Bruce in Ottawa to continue her surgery
Image credit: gofundme

Tons of support has been given to Mercedes, who left for Canada on 16th July 2019. Genevieve has been updating donors from all over the world on her progress – the pup has even gone down to 25.5kg from her original weight of 55kg!

mercedes after losing weight

She is looking better already
Image credit: gofundme

However, she shared that Mercedes is prone to infections caused by the extra skin from her weight gain, and is thus calling for donations for surgery. 

Help Mercedes get better by donating

Mercedes with her foster family in Canada

Mercedes with her foster family in Canada!
Image credit: gofundme

The story of Mercedes the rescue is proof that there is generosity in the world. A little goes a long way, and if you would like to chip in, you can head on to the GoFundMe Campaign for Mercedes here.