McDonald’s China drops new chilli sundae

To most, McDonald’s may just be a fast food joint where they go to satisfy their cravings. However, the chain seems to always shake up the culinary scene – from the invention of their legendary Big Mac sauce, crispy apple pie to the revolutionary McFlurry. 

Something else they do really well is localising their menu – in Thailand, we have durian, taro and mango based dishes that are well-loved by locals. McDonald’s China has just taken the popularity of chilli oil in the nation, and added it to their iconic vanilla soft serve, releasing a limited edition spicy chilli oil ice cream sundae.

Noodle-soup inspired ice cream

vanilla ice cream with chilli oilImage credit: @feichenpan via @chenchenzh/Twitter

Officially named the “Youpo Lazi sundae”, the ice cream was inspired by a type of noodle soup native to China’s Shaanxi province. Like the OG dish, McD covered its traditional vanilla soft serve in spicy chilli oil infused with peppers, garlic, onion and a myriad of aromatic herbs. 

Spicy noodle with beef brothTwitter user @chenchenzh shared the new McD creation, inspired by Youpo noodles
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The chilli oil series is part of the fast food chain’s “creative” menu – where items are only available to subscribing members of the McDonald’s year-long scheme. 

The limited-edition Chilli Oil Sundae is even more exclusive than most of the “creative” menu items. Hypebeast mentioned that the dessert is not being served in major provinces like Beijing, Hebei and Liaoning – guess this creation ain’t just for us ordinary folks. 

mcdonalds china new dessertImage credit: KL Foodie

Sweet, or savoury?

When you’re hungry (but not like, too hungry) it can be hard to choose between having dessert or a salty snack. This limited edition dessert takes away the dilemma and adds a spicy twist. 

Now, I love spicy pad kra pow and drunken noodles as much as the next person, but do I really want it on my ice cream? Most definitely. 

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Featured images adapted from KL Foodies and @chenchenzh/Twitter

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