MARS.cnx is a Mars-themed cafe in Chiang Mai

Are you the kind of person who always runs to a space ride every time you visit an amusement park? Do you ever feel FOMO when you see friends filling their IG feeds with pics of nature parks all over the world? If so, this Mars-themed cafe in Chiang Mai will definitely pique your interest.

Mars.cnx in central Chiang Mai is a cafe where you can sip your coffee in a spacecraft and snap a cool pic with mini Grand Canyon without digging out your passport.

If this interests you, we’d say you keep reading to find out more about this cafe and how you can get to it.

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Mars-themed cafe in Chiang Mai

Image credit: MARS.cnx

When you arrive at the storefront, you may actually doubt that this is a cafe due to its iconic crumbling wall framing the entrance. The smooth stone seats, make up a simple exterior that’s designed in the minimalist, post-apocalyptic style that’s out of this world.

In addition, the black glass at the entrance barely lets you see through the shop, driving you to wonder if there’s anything worth-seeing inside.

But let us guarantee you that once you get in, the features in the cafe will dispel that doubt.

Image credit: @ppair

Once you moonwalk into the shop, the first thing you’ll spot is the bar top whose concept is clearly distinct from other cafes as it looks like the command centre of a literal space craft – albeit with three coffee machines sitting on the top.

A stainless steel panel stands behind and forms an arch over the counter with flashy RGB lights on both sides.

Image credit: @ppair

From where you’re standing at the counter, if you peer to your right, there’s a small seat at the corner with a circular window above, reminding us of a window on the spaceship.

Next to it lies large rock ‘seats’ that are right where the sunlight casts interesting shadows through the window blinds at midday.

Image credit: กินไม่เกิน 100

On the other side, you can expect a set of high-tech chairs and lit-up display window that gives you the feeling of sipping coffee in a space shuttle. Besides this, there are more zones of seating that you can pick to sit in the cafe.

Image credit: @wonderingwiwi

Moving further away from the seating area, you’ll be greeted with a stone bar counter hidden in a narrow canyon that’s lit with a starry night light and a red light. Also, the candles on top complements the atmosphere perfectly. If you’re a mixology enthusiast, we bet you’ll be tempted by the sight of famous alcohol brands that are shown on the shelf at the back of the bar.

After exploring for a while, you might start looking for some photo spots to capture a few memories – or planet-themed spots – in this case.

Snap pics in a space shuttle and mini-Grand Canyon

Image credit: @dapapada

As the cafe is themed around the concept of Mars, of course they’ll provide guests with a spacecraft – even it’s just a small panel – to strike a pose with an amber orange gleam casting a glow on you. If it’s not obvious enough, the panel with the name ‘Mars‘ on it will also prove that you’ve finally reached here.

Image credit: @nana_nanank

After you got nice pics from the starship’s spot, try moving to this bright full moon on the wall, which is just a few steps away. In the middle, there is a rock that cafe-goers can use to pose.

Image credit: @sir.japs

Apart from both IG spots above, the most popular spot you shouldn’t miss is this mini-Grand Canyon. We bet that once you take a pic with it, it will look like you’re really visiting The Grand Canyon in Arizona.

We’d highly suggest you take a shutterbug friend along to this cafe visit to make sure you’ll get the right angle in a shot.

Mars espresso shots and Italian sodas from ฿120

Image credit: Cafe Story : รีวิวคาเฟ่ ทุกวัน

For first-timers, we’d recommend Mars for ฿120 (~USD3). The cafe’s signature drink is made with a shot of dirty coffee mixed with premium milk cream. No prizes for guessing why it’s named the way it is, but it’s def worth a shot.

Image credit: Cafe Story : รีวิวคาเฟ่ ทุกวัน

If drinks for a perk-me-up aren’t for you atm, the store also offers non-caffeinated beverages like Global Warming at ฿120 (~USD3) – an Italian soda that is derived from a combination of Yuzu, Sakura, and sparkling water to cool down on a hot day.

Getting to Mars.cnx in Chiang Mai

There’s no need to keep dreaming about flying out into outer space anymore when there’s a cafe that offers a chance to step into a galaxy far, far away. Drinks are fairly affordable too, and guests will get to vibe in a space-station on a budget.

Considering its features, we’d say this cafe is really worth visiting since it’s located in central Chiang Mai, you’ll find it pretty convenient to get to via any transportation you can opt for in the city.

Address: 27 Arak Rd, Sri Phum, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50200
Opening Hours:
8.30AM – 6PM, Daily
Telephone: +66 9 1092 9999
Mars.cnx’s Facebook | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): MARS.cnxMARS.cnx, @khunchaipae,

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