Mango Moment Phuket Has XXL Fruit Chairs & Golden Grade Nam Dok Mai Mango Desserts From ฿89

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Mango Moment Phuket

If you know someone who’s obsessed with mangoes or with all things yellow, then you’d probably want to read on to find out more about Mango Moment Phuket.

To be honest, I have never been a snob about my fruits and I am also used to having them in their raw, natural form. However, here at Mango Moment, I was absolutely blown away by the variety of mango food and drinks – and even desserts! – they were able to come up with.

And no, it’s not just traditional Thai mango sticky rice.

Even if you’re not a particular mango fan, read on to find out more about this quirky little cafe. With all of its creative yellow decor and giant XXL fruit chairs, Mango Moment Phuket is literally ‘mango’ cafe-nified. 

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They make use of golden grade Nam Dok Mai Mangoes in their menu

As a tourist myself, the only mango-inspired Thai dish that I have ever encountered was Traditional Thai Mango Sticky Rice, so get ready to have your mind blown.

Here at Mango Moment, the cafe uses only the best of the best to re-create their take on Mango Sticky Rice and their other foods. Hence, here we are introducing their key ingredient: the golden grade Nam Dok Mai Mango.

In addition to their use of premium ingredients, they are certainly not losing out in terms of presentation as well.

Mango Moment - Mango Sticky Rice DonutImage credit: @mangomoment_phuket

Even with their take on traditional Mango Sticky Rice, they are so generous with their servings of the fruit. Just take a look at that mango-rice ratio and how golden and juicy the fruit looks on that plate.

Mango Moment - Traditional Mango Sticky Rice
Image credit: @mangomoment_phuket

I mean, talk about a fruit re-education.

They also have afternoon tea sets, featuring other fruit-inspired desserts and cake

While most of their menu is mango-inspired, their afternoon tea set aims for variety. It includes cakes, fruit tarts and macarons, made not just with mango but also with other flavours including: pandan, strawberry and durian.

Mango Moment Pandan cakeImage credit: @mangomoment_phuket

Mango Moment - Afternoon Tea Set.
Image credit: @mangomoment_phuket

As for the young ones or those in search of something that looks a little more fun, the cafe also has their own selection of fruit-flavoured ice cream. For those who would like to amp up their experience with that bit of fairytale wonder, you can also opt for their signature Mermaid Cone.

Each cone doesn’t just come with your ice cream of choice. It comes with paddle-pop coloured seashells embossed with such detail that you’d think they were picked up from one of Phuket’s many beaches! Except that they’re paddle-popped, of course.

Mango Moment Mermaid Ice Cream Cone Image credit: @mangomoment_phuket

If you think that’s all to it for this cafe, brace yourself for their interior design that’s 100% on brand and on point.

It has a separate photo area with giant XXL mango chairs, beach chairs and so much yellow

When I said that this cafe basically embodied the spirit of “mangoes”, I wasn’t kidding.

From the all the different shades of yellow you can find to its giant XXL mango chairs, this place is not just made for mango lovers but for fans of the gram.

Mango Moment Interior
Image credit: @mangomoment_phuket 

The first thing you see when you enter the shop – Mango Moment’s giant XXL mango chairs – are definitely a crowd-favourite for the gram.

Mango Moment - kru_gong
Image credit: @kru_gong

As you venture further into the cafe, you’ll also find their vibrant white-and-yellow beach chairs awaiting you. Pull out that vogue face or bring on your sunny smiles as you experiment with this pastel yellow set and its props.

Mango Moment - IcePadie In Phuket
Image credit: @icepadie

At the end of the day, if any part of you is familiar with Phuket’s relentless heat, this cafe truly serves as a great afternoon pit stop.

Just imagine yourself lounging in one of these chairs, mango shake in hand, stress-free on an air-conditioned “beach”. Plus, you get great photos at the end of your visit too. What’s not to love?

Getting to Mango Moment Phuket

From the menu to the theme, this cafe is cute, quirky and perfect for an afternoon hangout. So if you and your gang are still googling ‘Things to do in Phuket’, girl, just get that taxi and start making your way to Mango Moment.

Don’t forget to indulge in some extra sweet mangoes for me and snap some pics for the memories. I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

Mango Moment Phuket
Address: 118 Bandon-Cherngtalay Rd, Choeng Thale, Thalang District, Phuket 83110, Thailand
Opening Hours:
11AM –10PM, Daily 
+66 9 3540 8882

Mango Moment De Porto Phuket Facebook | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from: @mangomoment_phuket, @mangomoment_phuket, @mangomoment_phuket

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