Man trapped in a cave in Satun Jungle

Image credit: The Romsai Rescue Team Satun Province

This story may remind you of the movie 127 Hours, but luckily no one had to cut off their body parts in order to escape. On the evening of 27th July 2019, a rescue team rushed through jungles of Satun province to save a young man who got trapped between some rocks.

He appeared to be exhausted after over 6 hours of being stuck and was sent to a nearby hospital to treat his minor injuries after being freed.

Was looking for wild orchids in the jungle

The 20-year-old man later told reporters that he and his friend were out in the jungle looking for wild orchids in the afternoon. They were separated when he spotted the flower high above the ground, after which he had proceeded to climb around the cave mouth. He then got trapped after slipping and falling on some rocks.

Image credit: The Romsai Rescue Team Satun Province

Luckily, his friend found him and swiftly alerted the Romsai Foundation Rescue Team. The team then found that the rocks had a 7-metre pit beneath where he was after the rescue mission was over. This could have been deadly if the man had slipped any further.

Rescue officers carry him to safety
Image credit: The Romsai Rescue Team Satun Province

Praised by the netizens

Heroic deeds like this can often go unnoticed. But after hearing about this incident, netizens showed their appreciation for the rescue team.

Translation: Thank you to everyone who saved the man. I wish all the rescuers good health and safety too.

Translation: Kudo to you guys [the rescuers] and all the officials involved.
Image credit: The Romsai Rescue Team Satun Province 

What happened could have taken a bad turn with a different outcome if not for everybody involved. It might take a whole village to raise a child, but it sometimes it just takes one person’s effort to save a man’s life. At the end of the day, always show gratitude to those who deserve it.