Hero saves drowning girl at beach

Drowning Thai Girl bangsean

Image adapted from: Line today

It was just a fine Saturday as Mr. Narong Gomon was enjoying some family time at the beach, when he saw a small pair of hands waving helplessly in the distance. He realised a girl was drowning and immediately rushed to save her. Facebook user Jiraroj Janarge posted a video and pictures of the incident.

At Bang Saen Beach, Chon Buri province, a 9 year-old girl was swimming in the late afternoon of 17th August 2019. But strong currents suddenly hit her small body and made her unable to swim against it. 

That was when 32-year-old Mr. Narong, who was swimming with his family in a shallower area at the time, caught sight of her asking for help. He rushed to rescue the drowning girl.  

Almost out of breath due to strong waves

Drowning Thai Girl bangsean

Translation: You’re safe now, little girl. Get well soon.

Image credit: Mgronlnie

It was only when he reached her that Mr. Narong found that the waves were too strong for even for a grown man like him. So, he asked for a lifebuoy from a nearby swimmer to make sure he could support himself and bring the girl back to safety. 

In those few intense minutes, nothing seemed to go as planned. The girl’s father, who could not swim, jumped in to try saving his daughter as well. Noting this, Mr. Narong gave him the lifebuoy instead. This caused both men to struggle as they tried getting to her. 

Drowning Thai Girl bangsean

Images adapted from: Line today, 77kaoded

A happy ending for all

Fortunately, both of them were able to safely reach the girl, and brought her to shore. Paramedics at the site then performed CPR on her and rushed her to Burapha University Hospital. The girl is now fully recovered and well.

Sansuk Municipality will proceed to grant the heroic Mr. Narong an honourable certificate to thank him for his bravery. They also warned that the sea currents are strong at this time of the year and urged citizens to be careful while swimming. 

Drowning Thai Girl bangsean

Narong Gomon (middle)
Image adapted from: 77kaoded

Thank you Mr. Narong for saving the girl’s life while risking yours. If we have a lot of people who look out for each other like him, we can feel a lot safer. But do not wait for a hero to rescue you or your child – look after yourself and each other anywhere you go!