He could have been fined ฿5,000

With the recent solar eclipse on 21st June, many Thai people believed that it could bring bad luck to anyone who stood under it unsheltered. 

One man used this as an excuse and went the extra length to hide his car in his neighbour’s garage without asking for permission. 

Claimed to have also cleaned the garage 

The house owner posted a video on Facebook that showed the man who parked his car in her garage. He also locked the front gate of the house using his own padlock. 

Parks Car In Neighbour’s Garage Without Permission“I parked here and just locked the gate today too because there was an eclipse today”
Images adapted from: Khaosod – ข่าวสด

After asking why he parked his car there, he answered, “I parked here and just locked the gate today too because there was an eclipse today”.

For the rest of the video, the man kept arguing that he didn’t do anything wrong as there was no one at home anyway. 

He also informed a journalist from Khaosod that he was the one cleaning her garage and taking care of her house to keep the house safe. 

The owner said that she didn’t give any permission to him to enter her house and didn’t want him to look after her house either. She had only left the house open for technicians and cleaners because she was preparing and renovating the house for rent. 

Her renter had visited the house and asked her why there was a car parked in the garage. So, she came to check who the owner of the car was and found out it was her neighbour. 

And though he finally agreed to move his car out, he still didn’t say sorry or accept his mistake. 

Parks Car In Neighbour’s Garage Without Permission

Translation: I need to tell the uncle to stop being rude and selfish. Thank you, everybody, for your encouragement and opinions on this situation. 

Besides being bad manners, this is also illegal. The man is lucky that the owner didn’t report him, or he might have had to pay up to ฿5,000 as a fine for causing a disturbance to others. 

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Featured images adapted from: Khaosod – ข่าวสด and JP Farm Beer

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