Man finds over ฿1,580 in trash bag

We can’t imagine how happy we would be if we found money somewhere unexpectedly, especially if it’s a big sum of money. While it is rare, there are people who have such good luck.

Take this man, for example. He happened to find over ฿1,580 in a trash bag while he was rummaging through a pile of junk. Many netizens suggested he take the money to the bank and get new banknotes as they were dirty, but some told him to give it to the police.

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Man finds money in a trash bag

Image credit: Highlight.Kapook

On 3rd August 2022, a Thai man uploaded a video of him finding a sum of money in a trash bag on TikTok. The banknotes he found came in denominations of ฿20, ฿50, ฿100, and ฿1,000.

Image credit: Highlight.Kapook

After the video was posted, many netizens commented on it with differing opinions. Some people even joked that the money he found was hidden from a wife by a husband, reported Khaosod.

Netizens advise him to exchange the banknotes at the bank

Many netizens suggested that he change the bills to new ones at the bank, while others speculated about where the money was from.

Image credit: @user3794052581

Translation: Change to new ones at the bank.

This Tiktok user asked him to go to the bank to get the bills exchanged to new ones, likely because the notes were dirty as they were found in the trash.

Image credit: @user3794052581

Translation: Take it to the police to give it back to the owner. 

Another netizen told the man to return the money to the police so they can find the owner.

Image credit: @user3794052581

Translation: This is what happens when you hide your money from your wife. LOL

Another user jokingly implied that someone had hidden the money from his wife and threw it away accidentally.

Image credit: @user3794052581

Translation: You’re so lucky.

Someone else commented that the guy was lucky because he found the money.

Lucky man find sum of money in trash

While we don’t know what the man is going to do with the money he found, we’re happy that he got lucky because finding a sum of money while you’re going through trash is not an occurance that we come across every day.

Cover image adapted from: Highlight.Kapook and Highlight.Kapook

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