Generous man buys gas station clerks’ coffee

Some say the most admirable thing about someone is the generosity they show towards others.

While some people may admire other qualities more, it’s still heartwarming to note those who born with a great sense of giving and the positive impact they leave on the world. Take this man, for example.

Here’s the story of a generous man who treated gas station clerks to coffee on his birthday.

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Man treats gas station clerk to Cafe Amazon’s drinks

On 30th December 2021, a video of the Thai man who bought gas station clerks Cafe Amazon’s drinks was posted on Thai TikToker’s, @p_ken789, account.

กิน อเมซอนครั้งแรก

กิน อเมซอนครั้งแรก

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After receiving change from the clerk, the man opened his car’s window and asked the clerk if he wanted to have coffee.

Image credit: @p_ken789

Soon afterwards, the man told the worker that he would buy him and teammates drinks as a treat, as it was the customer’s birthday.

He also let the staff member choose the coffee shop.

Image credit: @p_ken789

Initially reluctant, the worker picked his daily coffee stall, but the generous man offered to treat the clerks to drinks from Cafe Amazon.

Little did the kind-hearted man know that this would be the clerk’s first purchase at Cafe Amazon.

Gas station clerk says he has never bought Cafe Amazon’s drinks before

The generous man was surprised when he was told by the clerk that he has never bought drinks from Cafe Amazon before.

Image credit: @p_ken789

The bountiful guy then gave the staff member cash worth ฿420 (~USD12) to buy himself and his colleagues Cafe Amazon drinks.

Image credit: @p_ken789

The clerk received the money as well as a bunch of donuts from the altruist, and thanked him for the treats.

Netizens praised the man for his generosity & kindness

After the clip was posted online, many netizens praised the altruist for his generosity and kindness.

Image credit: @p_ken789

Translation: So cool. You can have my heart.

One netizen praised the man for his kind heart.

Image credit: @p_ken789

Translation: This story is so cute. Happy Birthday.

Another netizen commented that this video is heartwarming and sent a birthday wish to the man.

Image credit: @p_ken789

Translation: So cool. You also brought to donut from the locals on the street. That means you distribute income to the people in the society. Thank you.

One TikToker thanked the bountiful man for distributing wealth to the locals.

Treat people with kindness

The generous man who bought the gas station clerks coffee demonstrated how to treat others with kindness.

Like we said earlier, people have a sense of giving. In this writer’s opinion, this quality does not only improve relationships between the giver and his immediate connections, but also promotes a universal good.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): @p_ken789

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