Mae Sam Pao

Bananas are a staple in Thai desserts and street food, and kluay ping (grilled bananas) is one of the most succulent banana desserts within Bangkok. We recommend trying them if you haven’t had them before, as it is not as well-known to travellers.

Since you were more likely to find kluay kaek (banana fritter) stands than kluay ping in Bangkok, we went looking for the best kluay ping stand and finally found one in Soi Ramintra.

Three variations to choose from

KluayPing grill
There are three types of grilled bananas to choose – soft, medium, or hard. The soft retains the sweetness of the banana, the medium is not as sweet but chewy, while the hard variant is less sweet but crispier. The skewered bananas are grilled over lava rocks and set aside to cool before hammered with a mallet, chopped and sauced.

KluayPing syrup

No matter your preference of banana, the main feature is the sweet gravy. The gravy is just the right amount of smooth, caramelly combination of palm sugar, coconut sugar, and coconut milk. You get the aromatic palm sugar smell with the creamy texture of coconut milk that soaks really well into the banana meat.

KluayPing shish

If you’re on the go, the small size (฿25) is enough for a small snacking. However, you cannot separate the sweet gravy for this one. But for ฿40, you can get the regular size that comes with a small packet of sweet gravy, which is worth the trip since you get more.

KluayPing crispy bananas

There are also crispy, sweet banana chips you can buy for ฿35 per bag or get 3 for ฿100.

Grilled banana with the sweetest gravy 

KluayPing talenting

Customers kept coming every couple of minutes to buy grilled bananas from Mae Sam Pao. Even as it rained twice, customers didn’t stop coming and did drive-thrus instead.

Mae Sam Pao’s grilled bananas are a great choice on the go or to share at home, and it’s only a 5 minute walk away from Ramintra’s Walking Market.

Kluay Ping Ohb Nam Peung Mao Sam Pao (กล้วยปิ้งอบน้ำผึ้ง แม่สำเภา)
Address: 7/130 Soi Ramintra 52/1, RamIntra Road, Khan Na Yao, Bangkok 10230
Opening Hours: 7:30AM-5PM, Daily
Telephone: 08 0441 8778

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