Ma Mangkorn motorbike goes viral

Social media platforms have so many perks: from keeping in touch with your friends to being able to put second-hand items on sale. With the latter, we usually expect typical items like clothes or couches. 

However, you’ll never expect a motorbike that’s shaped like a dragon horse from Thai folklore a.ka. a Ma Mangkorn. 

This vehicle will allow motorists to pretend to ride this mythical steed, kind of like Hercules and Pegasus – no doubt it went viral. 

Here’s how you can buy it.

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Heavenly steed costs only at ฿37,000 

This steed costs only at ฿37,000 (~USD1,186). It’s actually a rare cross between a Ma Mangkorn and a 2015 Honda motorcycle series that has been ridden for roughly around 1,000 KM. Kanokwan Sruangchonlathan actually listed the steed in a Facebook group on 6th June 2021.  

The post was shared over 5K times on Facebook.

Ma Mangkorn Motorbike Goes Viral, Lets Drivers Pretend To Ride A Mythical Steed

Screenshot: Kanokwan Sruangchonlathan

It’s painted blood-red and decorated with antlers, dragon scales, large teeth, and a ponytail – therefore, mimicking an actual dragon-horse.

Ma Mangkorn Motorbike Goes Viral, Lets Drivers Pretend To Ride A Mythical Steed
Image credit: Kanokwan Sruangchonlathan

According to Thai folklore, it was tamed by one of the sages. Now, you can tame this one too – albeit a mechanical version.

It can be picked up at Chachoengsao Province, which is roughly three hours away from Bangkok.

Adapted motorbike regulations in Thailand

Do note that if your vehicle has been adapted like this one, you are required to acquire a permit to use the automobile at the closest Department of Land Transport within your area. 

If they disapprove of your request, you will only be able to drive it around your residential area for legal – and safety – reasons.

Worthy for paksoi 7-Eleven trips

This dragon-horse may not pass the traffic regulations and safety standards but it still seems to be a mythical steed to ride on to your paksoi strictly. 

Do note that riding along main roads may not be advisable. But in any case, it’s still a creative take on a creature from traditional folklore.

What do you think of this Ma Mangkorn motorbike? Let us know in the comments.

Cover Images adapted from: Kanokwan Sruangchonlathan (Left), Art Station (Right)

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