Elderly lottery seller helps others in need

Image adapted from: One31,One31

Many people are facing difficulties during COVID-19, with some forced out of their jobs or losing their source of income. However, in this difficult time, many acts of kindness are being seen all around the world.

In Thailand, folks are donating money to hospitals, necessities to those in need and even offering free food to public.

A small contribution to help society

grandma donate
Image credit: One31

On 20th April, One 31 News shared that while reporters were conducting research around Nakkila Village in Bangkok, a handicapped 90-year-old woman on a wheelchair approached them. 

The grandma told the reporters that when she watched the news, she’d realised how hard all the medical workers are working and how people are facing hard times. 

As a result, she wanted to donate ฿200 from her elderly allowance to charity in order to fight COVID-19, but she was clueless on how to do so. Although she only received ฿800 as part of her allowance, she hoped that the small amount of money she contributes can help those in need.

Every donation counts

The grandma shared that she uses less than ฿100 per day and can still survive with the money she has left, while other people could not even afford to eat. Additionally, she also thinks that with her age, there is nothing else that she wanted to buy. She just needed money to buy food, nothing else.

After the conversation, the reporters donated her money to a charity that helps fight COVID-19 to fulfil the grandma’s wish.

People may think ฿200 is a very small amount of money, but to some, it is worth a lot. If everyone comes together to make a small donation, the impact will be huge. 

We hope grandma will live happily and healthily, and we’re glad that she went out of her way to help others indeed.

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