Panic buying during coronavirus

The mass panic buying spree definitely shaped the early 2020’s. With Covid-19 mutating into even-faster-spreading variants and causing new outbreaks in Thailand, the trend seems to be making a comeback. 

Ms. Rosukhon Phromya in Buriram shared that she wanted to stock up on food at home and minimise her family’s potential exposure to Covid-19. Chicken sausage was amongst the loot.

Her family enjoyed over half of her chicken sausage haul over the next week. So, imagine their surprise when the matriarch’s 18-year-old son, Mr Theerthep Phromya, found a 10 cm long lollipop stick in one of his sausages. 

Thai lady found lollipop stick in a sausage
Sausage with the lollipop stick that they found
Image credit: Daily News

Mrs. Phromya alerted Daily News of the incident. She wanted to share her concern about choking hazards with the community. She iterates that small objects – found in food or not – are dangerous to small children, and urges the company that produced these sausages take better precautions.

Iron nail in a KFC meal set

Thai lady found lollipop stick in a sausage
Image credit: Sapparot

Unfortunately, this isn’t a unique experience. Facebook user, Vid PL, shared his jack-in-the-box story. He ordered Khao Yum Gai Sab at KFC in Central World. Just as Vid was about to enjoy KFC Thailand’s signature dish, he was surprised by the presence of a nail.

Netizens tried to make light of the situation

thai lady found lollipop stick in a sausage

Translation: There’s no nutritious iron in your meal, only an iron nail there.
Screenshot: Vid PL

thai lady found lollipop in a sausage

Translation: KFC giving away BBQ skewers.
Screenshot: Vid PL

Be careful of what you eat

For all the foodies out there, being a little picky is very important because not all food is friendly to all. Especially in the midst of the roaring ’20s, where things are getting weirder by the minute. 

Featured images adapted from: Daily News

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