Lizard found in bubble tea

Every once in a while, people find stuff either in their food or drink. If you’re lucky, it’s just a strand of hair and in worse cases, perhaps a tooth.

But in a Thai woman’s boba milk tea drink today is a little squishy lizard with dots; we’re literally gagging.

The juicy details

Netizen’s latest gathering point is a post by a female Facebook user with a shocking review of a local boba shop called BUBB, Tha Kham branch. Here is how the story goes.

It was just another regular day. Hungry for boba, the girl ordered two boba drinks from a nearby shop; one for her and the other for the rest of her family to share. Enjoying her way through, her brother suddenly approaches with a news no one would like to hear – a lizard in his drink.

Lizard in boba drink
Image credit: TK Variety

By the time of the discovery, the drink was already mostly gone. It was just at that blissful stage of sucking those sweet, chewy pearls up to chew amidst the ice cubes – but with the not-so blissful addition of a lizard.

Lizard among ice tray
Image credit: TK Variety

After pouring the drink out to observe, the lizard was found untouched still in its full shape. On the bright side, the fact that no one had to taste that poor lizard shows that luck was still in their favor.

The girl logged on Facebook and into BUBB’s page to give a comment right after. However, it didn’t take long before the review section was disabled, which led to the review post and the article you’re reading right now.

Lizard bubble tea post
The review post.
Image credit: Thai News Online

Translation: I recently went to review the shop’s page, went to take a look at it again and the review section is gone. So much care for the customers… Wasn’t going to tag but now that they’re doing this, I’m just gonna name them here.

Yet, she did later get a phone call with the shop and is now happy, but says that she’s not going to touch boba for a long, long while.

Classic horror short story

It’s basically a horror short story with a little bit of luck and although it’s a one in a million thing, what we can learn from our protagonist here is that checking out what we eat is not always a bad idea, and now probably a must.

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Cover images adapted from: TK Variety

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