Liverpool F.C. logo on rice fields

Thai Liverpool Fan

Images adapted from: Thairath and RAI NBB FARM

A 46-year-old Thai farmer in Phetchabun made headlines after he created the Liverpool F.C. banner on his paddy field to celebrate the team’s first victory in 30 years. 

Thai Liverpool Fan

Image credit: Thairath

Chaliaw Mantong, the farm owner, has been a loyal fan of Liverpool F.C. fan for well over 30 years. 

It seemed like Christmas came early for Mr Mantong and many Red’s fans around the world when Liverpool F.C. won the Premier League title on 25th June 2020. 

Thai Liverpool Fan

Image credit: RAI NBB FARM

To celebrate the historic victory, Mr Mantong put the team’s liver bird and the 19th Premier Lounge cup on his big rice field. 

He did so by growing different strains of rice that produce a different shade of green.

Not the first time

Thai Liverpool Fan

Image credit: Thairath

Being a die-hard Liverpool F.C. fan, this is not the first time Mr Mantong had transformed his paddy fields into a tribute to his beloved football club.

In March 2020, he created the football club’s iconic liver bird on his rice fields and it even made headlines on ESPNFC’s Facebook page.

Historic win for Liverpool F.C.

Thai Liverpool Fan

Image credit: Draft Kings

The last time Liverpool F.C. won the Premier League was in 1990, which was exactly 30 years ago. 

The team now has a total of 19 Premier League cups, making them 1 trophy away from Manchester United F.C. who currently holds the top spot with 20 wins. 

We’re also happy for Mr Mantong and all the fans out there!

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