Woman leaves cash in ATM

Have you ever left something valuable behind, only to find it missing when you go back for it?

Thankfully, this wasn’t the case for a Miss Mai Prisa, who shared a story on Facebook about forgetting her cash at a local ATM.

Girl was working in the area

The girl who returned Mai’s notes
Image credit: Sanook

In many tourist spots around Thailand, you’ll encounter hard-working kids who go around selling snacks, souvenirs or flowers to support their parents.

It was one such kid who had been going around her daily routine when she spotted Miss Mai’s stash of notes at the ATM.

Let’s see what was shared on her Facebook post.


Mai: If you bump into this girl, please support her. I left my cash at an ATM, and she gave it back to me. My ฿6,500 was left there for half an hour, and I realised that and  I went back to go get it. I bumped into the girl and she told me that I’d left my cash [behind] and she had left it at the cashier.

This girl lives through poverty but she’s so hardworking. Before she goes to school, she goes around PTT selling snacks. I totally admire her and her family for raising such a great kid. 

Miss Mai added that the little girl goes around the PTT gas station next to Maharat Park, which is on the Asian Highway towards Ayutthaya. “If you’re passing through, please come see her,” she wrote.

She also ended the post in jest, saying “Normally, people forget their card at an ATM but I’m the only crazy one who forgets cash there.”

Comments from netizens quickly poured in, with people showing their support. 


Netizen: I totally admire the girl, and I know you fell in love with her.
Mai: Yup!


Netizen: Such a sweet kid!


Netizen: You’ve got good karma, I’m gonna share your story.

Giving kids like these your support

The little girl’s integrity is truly admirable, and we hope that she has a promising future ahead of her.

Featured images adapted from: Sanook

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