Red canyons in Lalu, Sa Kaeo

Over the past few decades, Thailand’s gorgeous locales have provided backdrops to many world-renowned Hollywood and Netflix films.

But what if we told you there’s way more hidden landscapes around the country, just biding for the right time to be uncovered?

Besides Nern Tsai Muang Gae that looks like Tattooine, Lalu in Sa Kaeo is another site that resembles the pod-racing grounds from the Star Wars anthology of films. We’ve compiled everything you need to know to prep for a trip there below.

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Lalu is a natural marvel with red canyons in Thailand

Located in Thailand’s eastern province of Sa Kaeo, Lalu is a land frozen in time, chock-full of geological wonder.

Image credit: @pannawat_9999

Named after the Khmer word for ‘penetrated’, the site is over 150 million years old.

Image credit: @mala_bs_1986

Carved by heavy drops of rain with the help of strong winds, these solid mini canyons were formed over many years with the help of Mother Nature, shares Tourism Thailand.

Image credit: Pai Duay Kan

From the pictures, what’s immediately clear is the site’s striking similarity to the OG rock formations in the Phrae province. Thanks to this resemblance, Lalu has been considered the new Phae Mueang Phi .

The red canyons definitely bring out our nostalgia for Anakin Skywalker’s first pod-racing day at the canyon-filled arena.

Adapted images from: @tu_tanongjai, Star Wars

Of course, the vast array of canyons of different shapes and sizes, will make it tough to find the right spot for a photo-op. But in this case, we’re not complaining.

Image credit: @phayaling

Split into different zones, visitors are allowed to take a step upwards – if you’re game for the hike – to explore more panoramic angles of Lalu. FYI, the spot has been featured as a must-visit tourist attraction by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).

Image credit: @iroamalone

Constellations aplenty amongst a midnight blanket of stars

Many city-dwellers are keen on escaping our concrete jungles. The presence of light pollution is also why real stars are becoming a rare treat for citizens in urban areas.

Once dusk falls, however, Lalu’s natural dark canvas will play host to a stunning natural wonder – a sky full of twinkling stars.

Image credit: @omyonjourney

Head over in the evening, and be prepared to stay till late, for a ride at Lalu underneath the stars is priced from ฿300 (~USD9)/pax for travellers, and ฿200 (~USD6)/pax for locals.

On less misty or foggy nights, expect the Milky Way to make a cameo appearance in the skies. Talk about a galactic surprise – a private screening just for you and your date.

Image credit: @invisibledoctor_53

For constellation enthusiasts or tarot card readers, we think it’s a good time to kick back and gaze at the blanket of stars. Not too late to attempt to predict what the future holds and how much luck you’ll have in the next decade.

Image credit: @noomisme

Lalu can be visited all year round in Sa Kaeo

These red canyons can be visited all year round but it’s best to avoid monsoon season for safety purposes. FYI, this typically plays out around June to September, according to True ID Travel.

If you’re coming here in your own private car, they’ve got parking services at their tourist information office. Do note that you’ll have to book a group tour of up to 6 pax to travel up top, and pricing may differ for locals and travellers.

So there we have it, another slice of Star Wars closer to home. Let us know if you’ll be adding this gorgeous natural stargazing sight to your post-Covid-19 travel bucket list.

Lalu Red Canyons, Sa Kaeo
Address: 3H2G+J53, Thap Rat, Ta Phraya District, Sa Kaeo 27180
Telephone: +66 3 724 3724

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Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Left): @phayaling, @pannawat_9999, @koknoi

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