Lactose-free bubble tea

lactose-free bubble tea

All lactose-intolerant folk will know the feeling of drinking a good cup of milk tea, only to regret it shortly after slurping it down – down to the last boba pearl. Thankfully, Au Bon Pain Thailand has recently launched a range of lactose-free bubble teas for customers to enjoy.

Flavours include Brown Sugar Boba and Boba Earl Grey, which use lactose-free milk from Meiji:

BBT flavours to try at Au Bon Pain


Brown Sugar Boba

This is a flavour that is all the rage these days, and Au Bon Pain’s Brown Sugar Boba (฿145) is something lactose-intolerant sweet-tooths don’t have to miss out on. It comes with chewy boba and jelly, and is sweetened by a generous drizzle of brown sugar sauce. Plus, it comes topped with milk foam and crunchy honeycombs for added texture.

The drink is really creamy, and the pearls have the right amount of bite without being too sticky. However, this can be quite sweet, so anyone on a sugar-controlled diet take note!


Boba Earl Grey

If you’re looking for something less sweet, opt for Boba Earl Grey (฿135). The toppings are the same, but with brown sugar being swapped out for a fragrant Earl Grey tea. I preferred this as it wasn’t too overwhelming on my palate. 

Aside from milk drinks, Au Bon Pain also offers a refreshing Lychee Rose Brew Tea (฿135). There are lychee chunks that add a natural sweetness to the drink, and is great to cool down on a hot and humid day. 

lychee drink

Lychee Rose Brew Tea

Pair your drinks with a Pastrami Sandwich 

Pastrami Spicy Sriracha Sandwich

Image credit: AuBonPainThailand 

Au Bon Pain is having a promotion on its Pastrami Spicy Sriracha Sandwich (฿189), which you can add onto your drink order. This meal is quite hearty, with a 17-grain bagel bun, smoked ham, and a generous dose of spicy Thai Sriracha sauce. The sandwich also comes with Paris Ham (฿169) and is available at all branches till 31 August 2019

BBT for lactose-intolerant customers to enjoy at Au Bon Pain

bubble tea au bon pain

Bubble milk tea is going to conquer the world for sure

After receiving lots of positive feedback, Au Bon Pain will be extending its promo on its lactose-free drinks till the end of 2019, at all outlets across Thailand. 

au bon pain

Au Bon Pain, which originates from the US, is known for serving healthy grub and drinks. It is also a comfortable place where people can work, study, and hang out with friends.

Outlets are conveniently located around the city, so if you want to try the drinks or the sandwiches but you are away from the area, there are several branches to visit. It is also available in other provinces across Thailand – check the nearest branch next to you here.

Au Bon Pain @ Metro Mall
Location: Metro Mall in Chatuchak Park MRT Station, Bangkok
Telephone: 091-576-2811
Opening Hours: 6.30AM-10PM, Daily