Salted egg donuts at Krispy Kreme Thailand

Salted Egg Donuts
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Aside from bubble tea, salted egg is another top trend of this year. We’ve seen it mixed with tons of food and desserts from potato chips, fries, instant noodles, pancakes, and many more. 

For foodies who love trendy foods, Krispy Kreme Thailand has just launched new Salted Egg Donut Bites which all salted egg fans should check out. 

Salted egg donuts with juicy lava filling 

These donut bites come in bite-sized portions, and one box offers 8 pieces at ฿129

You can expect chewy donuts just like the original Krispy Kreme recipe, which always impresses. Moreover, there is a sugar glaze covering the dough that adds a sweet taste to go along with the salty egg filling. 

Krispy Kreme Thailand
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Even though it comes in little cute balls, the salted egg filling inside is very juicy and will pop in your mouth. The creamy filling is not very overpowering and isn’t too sweet nor salty.

Salted egg lava donuts from Krispy Kreme Thailand

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Sweet-tooths shouldn’t hesitate to try this, but you need to be at your nearest branch early because it gets sold out very quickly. Hurry up, it’s available from now until 5 January 2020.

Krispy Kreme salted egg bites
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Krispy Kreme Thailand

Note: Prices vary at Krispy Kreme’s airport branches: Don Mueang International Airport (฿148) and Suvarnabhumi Airport (฿161).  

Stay updated on their website for more information.

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