Komegura Chiang Mai is a Japanese-style loft cafe

Over the past two years, we’ve become more aware of Thailand’s wonders – like this Blue Temple – that we’ve been sleeping on, as well as miniatures of other countries right here in the Land of Smiles.

If you’re keen on visiting more of the latter, then here’s another spot to add to your list. Komegura is a modern Japanese-style cafe in Chiang Mai with decor that’ll trick your friends into thinking you’re abroad.

Here’s why else you should check out the teahouse.

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This Chiang Mai cafe is hidden within a community mall

Komegura is a two-storey loft cafe that’s tucked away in Kad Kriengkrai Mahamitr, a newly opened community mall in Chiang Mai’s Mae Rim district.

japanese-teahouse-thailandImage credit: วิ ศ ว ะ พ า เ ที่ ย ว

Though located within what used to be a pickled fruit warehouse, you wouldn’t be able to tell that the cafe isn’t sitting under the warm Tokyo springtime sun from certain angles.

japanese-cafe-thailandImage credit: @suttikun

Looking at the joint straight-on, it simply looks like a sunlit wooden, minimal cafe with a mysterious loft that’s concealed by shoji panels.

japanese-cafe-thailandImage credit: @theaoraiir

Take note of the amount of detail put into the establishment that’s made to look like Japan.

From the dark wooden pillars that contrast with the furniture’s lighter shades to the ramen-bar style seating to the signage, we would’ve been fooled.

And, we haven’t even actually even been inside the cafe yet.

Komegura’s loft looks like something out of “The Tale of Genji”

Technically, most of Komegura’s seating is “outdoors” and at the bar. However, there is also an upstairs loft for visitors to explore.

komeguraImage credit: @suttikun

Upon sliding open the wooden doors of the loft, visitors will be met with an all-wooden space that’s lit by natural light emanating from the sunroof.

However, what takes centre stage is the small, elevated zen garden.

komeguraImage credit: @theaoraiir

Comprised of various sized pebbles, ferns and logs, the nature feature exemplifies minimalist design.

chiang-mai-cafeImage credit: @mmewnaphat

There’s also a round mirror in the back – for deep reflection as well as reflective selfies.

japanese-teahouse-thailandImage credit: @theaoraiir

For those who want to sit down and take in the small rock garden for a little while, there are benches and low-table seating available.

What to get at Komegura

With all the energy spent exploring Japan, it’s only natural that you’d be in need of some refreshments. Thankfully, this cafe-attraction has some of those.

With prices starting from ฿60 (~USD2), the visitors can pick from traditional Japanese green tea and desserts, like dango with red bean sauce, as well as crowd-favourites like lattes.

dango-thailandImage credit: วิ ศ ว ะ พ า เ ที่ ย ว

Considering the combo of green tea’s soft pastel tones, the wooden low tables and natural light, you can definitely find us trying to take an aesthetic photo of our drinks in the loft.

green-tea-thailandImage credit: @gamiiiko

Fly to Japan in less than 3 hours

japanese-cafe-thailandImage credit: Komegura

With the new year comes a renewed sense of wanderlust – it seems that “travel more” somehow makes it onto our list of resolutions every year.

While it may be difficult to travel overseas for now, a trip to this little slice of Japan in Chiang Mai is indeed possible. Plus, the fact that this cafe is indoors means you don’t have to plan your holiday based on the different rainy season in Thailand.

Opening Hours: 8AM – 5PM, Daily
Address: 87/2 Moo 7 Chotana Rd, Rim Tai, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai 50180
Telephone: +66 9 0523 5223
Komegura’s Facebook | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Left): วิ ศ ว ะ พ า เ ที่ ย ว, @suttikun, กินไม่เกิน 100

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