Koh Samui reopening

As Thailand announces the gradual reopening of the country, another update on travelling in the Kingdom has arrived on the horizon.

Wonder Island’ – a campaign to promote tourism in Koh Samui – involves sunsets, exclusive dinners and massages on private beaches. This campaign is expected to attract one thousand international tourists starting this 1st July 2021.

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‘Wonder Island’

In attempts to bring vibrance back into the touristy islands of Thailand, intricate plans have been made and begun in the past few months. 

The same goes for Koh Samui, preparations are being undertaken to successfully launch the ‘Wonder Island’ plan, which intends to welcome one thousand foreign tourists who have received two full doses of Covid-19 vaccines this July.

The plan accepts visitors from several countries including Singapore and the United States, where the vaccinated travellers will be flying in on a Bangkok Airways plane, before being escorted to facilities provided by the state. Contrary to previous quarantine measures, newly arrived visitors will be free to roam outside of their room.

Flight attendant on plane
Image credit: Der Farang

To participate in a 14-day programme that is chock full of activities from the third to seventh day, visitors must have their Covid tests come out negative, which will be done on the second day.

The activities include dining on boats, watching sunsets after sunsets, as well as relaxing treats such as yoga and an aromatic spa experience on the private beaches of Koh Tan and Ang Thong, which are reserved as ‘sealed routes’ only for the special guests.

Upon the eighth day, visitors will be able to explore the whole island of Samui plus Koh Phangan and Koh Tao until the fourteenth day.

If the Covid-19 test comes out negative again on the fifteenth day, they will receive the green light to travel to other places in Thailand. The aim of this program is to allow visitors to feel vacation vibes from the very first day, whilst taking precautions against Covid-19, as reported by Bangkok Post.

While the details are all in place, the travel programme is subject to changes. 70% of Koh Samui residents will need to be vaccinated first before the ‘Wonder Island’ campaign can kick in.

Welcome back to Koh Samui

koh samui
Image credit: @oppaareview

With Thailand set to reopen fully by October of this year, this suggests that overseas vacations will once again be a possibility. So, fingers crossed everything works out!

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Cover images adapted from: Bangkok Airways (Left), @mooktaphak (Centre), @wanderer4wonders (Right)

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