4-Metre King Cobra Discovered Inside Parcel, Rescuer Alerted To Catch The Animal

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4-metre king cobra discovered inside parcel in Thailand

Most snakes are said to avoid confronting humans when they are discovered by chance.

Similarly, when individuals encounter a python, they would much prefer to call the professionals rather than catch the snake by themselves.

To give an example, here’s the story of a rescuer alerted to capture a 4-metre king cobra who was accidentally found inside a parcel by couriers.

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Courier staff stumbles upon a 4-metre king cobra in parcel

On 22nd March 2022, a rescue worker, Siriprom Singpong, was called to a branch of J&T Express, a delivery company, in Muang district, Khon Kean, after courier staff found a 4-metre-long king cobra in the parcel arriving on the same day.

A series of pictures that showed Siriprom capturing the king cobra was uploaded on Facebook.

Earlier, the branch’s staff reportedly saw a cardboard box with a bag moving, before he heard the hissing sound.

king cobra found in parcel
Image credit: Nev Marley

Once Siripong arrived and unzipped the bag, a giant king cobra slithered out of the parcel, causing all the staff to move quickly to the side and scream with fear.

“Everybody got stunned when they saw the giant king cobra packed inside the bag. This is very dangerous to humans and very harmful to the animal”, said Siripong.

king cobra found in parcel
Image credit: Thairath

According to Thairath, the king cobra was reportedly sent to The Village of King Cobra in Nam Phong district. Police investigations are underway to search for the sender and the recipient.

Netizens wonder about the sender’s intentions

Following the post, many netizens wondered if the sender of the parcel had negative intentions by including the snake in the parcel.

Screenshot: Nev Marley

Translation: Is this an intention to commit murder?

One Facebook user speculated if this incident was an attempt at “murder”.

Screenshot: Nev Marley

Translation: This is so scary for recipient.

Another Facebook user agreed with the former comment, and expressed their fear regarding the incident.

Screenshot: Nev Marley

Translation: Department of National Park Wildlife and Plant Conservation should take legal action.

One netizen suggested the authorities take legal action against the person who was responsible.

Thankfully, no one was hurt

We think these courier staff set a good example of how to expertly deal with unexpected incidents.

Although we know that snakes prefer to avoid humans, it’s better for us to stay away from them and let rescuers do their jobs.

We’re also thankful that no one was hurt in the incident, and we hope the authorities find the culprit soon.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Left): Nev Marley

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