Kid drops an egg

They say there’s no use crying over spilled milk. While the proverb’s meaning is pretty straightforward, it can sometimes be difficult to put into practice.

Well, not for this kid.

Here’s the story of how a child who dropped an egg, and instead of crying, made the very best of his own situation.

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Child drops an egg while parents are having a conversation

Thai TikToker, @kawintuner, posted a hilarious TikTok of his son being quite the smooth criminal earlier this month.

โคตรแสบ สอนย่าใช้เตา ลูกเล่นไข่ไปฟอง 555 พ่อก็ไม่รู้เลย

โคตรแสบ สอนย่าใช้เตา ลูกเล่นไข่ไปฟอง 555 พ่อก็ไม่รู้เลย

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The scene of the crime is a kitchen. Viewers are first introduced to the “victims”, two parents having a conversation while facing away from the refrigerator and the culprit, a child.

Screenshot: @kawintuner

As the parents continue speaking, the video shows the child reaching for an egg from the refrigerator. Unfortunately, the egg falls.

Screenshot: @kawintuner

Thus begins the mystery of which we are about to crack – pun intended.

Child cleans up the broken egg before his parents notice

So, what happened the kid who broke the egg? Well, instead of crying over a cracked egg, this child scurried over and brought over towels to clean up the mess.

Screenshot: @kawintuner

By the time his parents turned back around, they are only met with a towel on the ground, instead of the mess of a cracked egg. Talk about smooth.

Screenshot: @kawintuner

Thanks to this kid’s quick thinking, he not only managed to save his parents the trouble of cleaning up his mess, but also swerved a scolding for breaking an egg.

Screenshot: @kawintuner

In fact, he even ended up with an ice cream from his father.

Be quick on your feet

As a child, we probably would’ve nudged our parents and sheepishly said, “I broke an egg” and taken the scolding – as we imagine most kids would’ve done.

However, we have a new role model now: a quick thinker who solves his own problems. We love to see it.

A trait that many job postings look for include “ability to think on your feet”. Well, we have zero doubt that this child will be able to not only snag any job he wants in the future, but also to overcome just about any issue.

Cover images adapted from: @kawintuner

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