Thai Chicken BBQ Takeaway

Kai yang or Thai-style grilled chicken has long been a beloved-dish among locals and foreigners – the combination of smoky scents and vibrant spices just hits different than a typical roast chicken.

Kai Moon Ha Lao takes Kai Yang to another level –  they use a rotisserie grill to cook whole chickens, which is different from most grilled chicken stalls who grill separate parts of the bird. 

The supple and flavourful kai yang is only available for takeaway, but isn’t registered on any delivery app so those interested will have to order through the restaurant directly and request courier services. Recommended by the owner, Lalamove carriers frequently come and pick up the customers’ orders. 

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Thai style rotisserie Chicken

Kai Moon Ha Lao

Kai Moon Ha Lao is located in Minburi, which is a little ways away from Bangkok – however their location doesn’t seem to hinder their sales at all. The owner mentioned that they  sell  over 100 chickens per day. 

As we neared the stall, we could smell the charred scent of the marinated food being grilled on the giant skewers

We ordered a whole chicken ฿160 (~USD5.32), and were overwhelmed by the vivid smells from the rotisserie while waiting. 

We quickly opened the take-away box once we found a spot to enjoy this mouth watering food – whilst the meat was still warm and fresh, we quickly wanted to chow down. 

Kai Moon Ha Lao The entire chicken in a takeaway box 

When we opened the package, the aroma from the chicken kind of unleashed our carnivorous desire because we knew the food would be sublime.

The sizzling kai yang set came with two different homemade sauces: their signature seafood-style sauce and a sweet chili sauce. 

Kai Moon Ha Lao

We’ve heard so much about their piquant homemade seafood sauce – this is contrary to other seafood sauces in many BBQ Thai restaurants because they use commercialised sauces that have no personality. Without the sauce itself, we already enjoyed the succulent taste of the ambrosial shred of meat. The luscious meat had a melt in your mouth texture and reminded me of a semi-dry chicken steak. 

We could tell that the meat was well grilled and the fat was drained when it was being cooked – the skin wasn’t too fatty and the meat’s tastes weren’t masked by oil. 

Together with the sauce, it gave it an extra zesty punch to it and seeped into the caramelised chicken piece. It tasted like a honey-coated meat that dropped into a pool of lime.

Then we dipped another piece of chicken into their homemade sweet chili sauce. Their chili sauce had a sweetness of tamarind extract to it, and it was a little sour for a sweet sauce – it was very different from the sweet sauce you’d taste in Mcdonald’s

Kai Moon Ha Lao

The meat with this sauce became sweeter but not like the sweetness you’d taste from dessert. It was like garlic with caramel and smeared on the chicken. This reminds me of smoked ham with extra honey.

We truly recommend this joint, because it can be a little tricky to find a whole chicken for this price. The portion of the food could last for 3 days if you eat 40 – 50 grams of meat for 2 days per day. 

Another menu to take home

If you can’t think of anything to cook at home for your work from home diet list, you can add these guys in your food list. Their portions aren’t really intermittent fasting friendly, but the chicken was lean enough to support healthy chicken salad.

Kai Moon Ha Lao
Address: 219 Khu Bon Road, Bang Chang, Khlong Sam Wa, Min Buri, Bangkok 10510
Opening Hours: 8AM – 5PM Daily
Telephone: +66 9 8093 1453, +66 8 6875 2966
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