Giant grilled squid at Green Day Night Market near Rama 2

Grilled squid with seafood sauce is a must-try when it comes to the Thai street food scene, and we’ve got one of the best places to go to to give this a try.

If you want to figure out why Thais love their seafood and dipping sauces so much, we recommend visiting Green Day Night Market along Rama 2 road for some supersized grilled squid with authentic spicy seafood sauce at Jumbo Pla Muek Yang.

Supersized squid skewers and authentic spicy sauce

Jumbo Pla Muek Yang

There are different parts and types of squid to choose from, like tentacles, meat, egg, mouth, and even a giant whole squid. The price starts at ฿40 (~USD1.5), and each skewer had a generous amount of meat packed onto it.

The must-try item that we went for is Muek Kai or a Whole Squid With Egg (฿120, ~USD3.9/skewer) which features a big whole squid full of egg and edible innards. 

Giant Grilled Squid in Bangkok

After grilling, the squids were cut into pieces, put into a bowl, and topped with some spicy seafood sauce. It looked delicious even before we dug in.

Giant Grilled Squid in Bangkok

Even though the meat took us a bit of chewing, the egg and stuffing packed inside are very succulent and had a smoky charcoal-grilled scent. 

The squid was extremely fresh and not overly salty like at other stalls, which use salt water to brine it.

Giant Grilled Squid in Bangkok

What makes the dish amazing is the spicy seafood sauce which is rich in garlic and coriander. Warning for all foodies though; the dipping sauce is at a high spice level, but we assure you that you should absolutely try it. Just have some water handy.

We ordered 2 whole squids and almost couldn’t finish it. That proves how big it is.  

Another perfect spot to sneak away from the crowd

Giant Grilled Squid in Bangkok

Jumbo Pla Muek Yang is hidden inside the Green Day Night Market on Rama 2 road. Just walk to the end of the market and spot the car park to find the shop. 

The nearest MRT station is Lak Song, from which takes around 10-15 minutes to the market without any jam. 

The store has a big queue, especially on Fridays and Saturdays, so come early to grab your giant squid with spicy sauce. 

Giant Grilled Squid in Bangkok

Even though your mouth will be burning after chomping down on this snack, this is a must-try street food you shouldn’t miss when in Thailand. Grab your cold drinks and give it a go!

Jumbo Pla Muek Yang
Address: Green Day Night Market, Rama 2 Rd, Samae Dam, Bang Khun Thian, Bangkok 10150.
Opening Hours: 5PM – 12AM, Daily
Nearest Train Station: MRT Lak Song
Telephone: +66 9 9324 0999
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