%Arabica opens in BKK

%Arabica Thailand
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For coffee aficionados who have tried %Arabica and swear by it, we’re glad to say that there is no need to go abroad to have this drink anymore, as this coffee shop has finally rooted its first branch in Thailand.

Coffee beans from around the world

%Arabica Thailand
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%Arabica is a world-known coffee shop hailing from Japan, famous for its blended and single-origin coffee beans from over the world. With a special coffee roaster, it brews up coffee drinks with a unique scent customers can’t resist.  

%Arabica Thailand
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Here, you can expect to sip Americano at prices starting at ฿120, or you can also have some coffee with milk like Caffe Latte at prices starting at ฿130.

If coffee is not your thing, you can also try their Matcha Latte (from ฿150) for a good experience as well.

%Arabica Thailand
Image credit: @abeijingerinbkk 

This coffee shop is decorated in style, so you should make sure to have taken some good snaps before leaving the scene. 

%Arabica Thailand
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As the shop is very well-known and brand-new, make sure to wear a face mask and avoid entering crowded conditions for your own safety. 

Address: 1st floor, ICONSIAM
Nearest Train Station: Saphan Taksin BTS
Opening Hours: Mon-Thu: 10am-8pm, Fri-Sun: 11am-8pm

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