Japan may lift ban on 4 countries

Japan Considers Lifting Ban On Visitors From Thailand And 3 Other Countries As The Pandemic Improves

Many Thai travellers’ dream of taking a vacation in Japan after the pandemic subsides is now one step closer to reality.

On Monday, the Japanese government revealed that it is considering easing the entry ban on visitors from 4 countries, including Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand.

According to Kyodo News, Tokyo aims to negotiate terms and conditions with the 4 countries. And if things go as planned, lifting the ban for business travellers will be the first step of the process.

Working on open borders

Narita Tokyo Airport

Image credit: Forbes

Yoshihide Suga, Chief Cabinet Secretary, revealed that resuming international travel is as important as fending off the virus. He also assured that Japan will carefully reopen the borders with necessary measures put in place.

“In terms of how we can resume international travel partially or in stages, we need to carefully consider which countries and who [will be targeted] and necessary procedures,”

“The government will comprehensively make a judgment at the appropriate time,” said Suga.

Entry bans for 111 countries

Japanese train station

As of now, Japan has banned visitors from 111 countries and regions around the world from entering the country. The bans are in effect until the end of June.

The banned countries include the US, most of Asia, and all of Europe. 

While waiting for the final say, you can start a virtual trip to Ghibli museum or Sakura garden right now from your bedroom. 

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