Vendor orders 10 iPhones worth ~฿113K to resell

When it comes to shopping online, several customers might have experienced receiving unexpected products, like this man who received a toy TV instead of a real television.

With discounted and low prices, such instances may not be a big deal for some people. However, in scenarios where large sums of money are involved, receiving items that are entirely different from what they had ordered is very unacceptable for customers.

Here’s the story of a vendor who ordered 10 iPhones worth ฿113,800 (~USD3,508), but received three water bottles instead.

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Vendor receives three water bottles instead of iPhones XS Max 10

On 21st February 2021, a Thai smartphone vendor shared the story of how she had received three water bottles instead of the 10 iPhones XS Max 10 she ordered on her Facebook account, Norisa Chehamatt.

Earlier, the vendor had paid ฿113,800 (~USD3,508) for 10 iPhones XS Max 10 that she aimed to resell at her online shop.

After opening package she received delivery, she found three bottles of water instead of the iPhones XS Max 10 she ordered.

Image credit: Norisa Chehamatt

The vendor shared the picture of the box’s weight, which was 2.450KG, which is unlikely to be proportionate to the weight of 10 iPhones.

Image credit: Norisa Chehamatt

The victim also revealed that she had contacted both the third-party seller and the shipping company about the incident which is reportedly under investigation by the police, according to Kapook.

Netizens wish the vendor will get their money back soon

After the story was posted online, many netizens expressed that they hope the victim will get her money back soon.

Screenshot: Norisa Chehamatt

Translation: I wish you get your money back soon.

One netizen wished that the victim get her money back.

Screenshot: Norisa Chehamatt

Translation: I wish you find the scammer as soon as possible.

Another netizen wished that the vendor will find the culprit soon.

Screenshot: Norisa Chehamatt

Translation: The iPhone’s weight in the box is at around 208g. The weight for 10 XS iPhones should be around 2.08 KG, but the box you received was at around 2.45 KG which makes it easier to guess who’s the culprit.

One Facebook user shared his knowledge about the weight, which will supposedly help identify the culprit of the incident.

All the best to the seller

We also really hope that the vendor will get all her money back and will not experience the incident in the future.

Since the incident is being under investigation, we’re probably sure that the vendor will soon find out who the scammer is.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): Norisa Chehamatt

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