Imprisonments suspended amid the outbreak

Inmates Released
Image adapted from: forum.thaivisa

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, The Department of Corrections has declared a suspension of over 8,000 inmates’ imprisonment in order to alleviate overcrowding conditions in Thai prisons.

Inmates with minor offences and good behaviours released

Crowded conditions in prisons would probably lead to another cluster infection, so the Department of Corrections came with a preventive measure to deter this from happening. On 13th April 2020, Pol Col Naras Savestanan, the director-general of the department, said that the agency came up with the idea to reduce the number of inmates in Thai prisons.

Inmates Released
Pol Col Naras Savestanan
Image credit: Nation Thailand

According to his statement, inmates with minor offences and those with good behaviour records are qualified to receive imprisonment suspension.

Pol Col Naras also added that the total number of criminals caught amid this crisis has gotten two-times higher. But thanks to the preventive measures, those new inmates who didn’t perform any serious crimes can be set free.

Besides this policy to reduce the number of inmates, prisons across the country have been working on maintaining hygiene in order to keep everyone in a safe environment. Inmates are also closely monitored to see if they exhibit any symptoms.

As the wrongdoers have been set free, we hope that they will change their behaviours and stay safe from catching the virus as well.

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