Gaming furniture from IKEA and ASUS

E-sports communities are growing all over the world, and Thailand even has an e-sport hub equipped with high quality gear for gamers to enjoy 24/7. 

This is good news for game lovers who dream of having a personal game room at a reasonable budget. After announcing the first clothing line, IKEA is now collaborating with ASUS ROG (ASUS Republic of Gamers) to launch gaming furniture that people can afford at a friendly price. 

Plan to debut in China and USA in 2021

IKEA and ASUS gaming furniture

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Aside from gaming gear and powerful computers, furniture like tables and chairs are another aspect that customers can buy. 

There are different brands offering gamers quality gaming furniture, but the prices usually exceed the budget. 

IKEA and ASUS gaming furniture

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After pointing out this problem, ASUS ROG decided to join hands with IKEA, the leading furniture company from Sweden, to launch the gaming furniture at an affordable price.

IKEA and ASUS gaming furniture

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There is no information about each product for now, but we think gamers can absolutely expect a gaming table and chairs at a budget. 

Another highlight is the design that won’t look super futuristic or too dark as other brands offer. All of the furniture will be designed to match with various styles of room decorations.

IKEA and ASUS gaming furniture

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As the products will be manufactured at IKEA Product Development Center in Shanghai, and their gaming products will be firstly offered in China around February 20201 and then in the USA around October the same year.  

The next year is coming in just 3 months, so it’s time for gamers to save your money to transform your house to be a professional gaming room. 

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