Unique ice creams in Bangkok 

crazy ice cream flavours in bangkok
Image adapted from @mobecheung and @ohnlyonly

Ice cream is considered to be a “forever favourite” dessert for people of all ages, anytime, anywhere. In a hot country like Thailand, ice cream is the perfect choice to help beat the sweaty weather. As such, we’ve seen tons of ice cream cafes pop up in Bangkok with new and unique flavours to offer.

Here’s a list of 7 stores in Bangkok that serve up a bunch of crazy desserts to help us cool down:

1. IceDEA – “tonkatsu” and “steak” ice cream

IceDEA tonkatsu ice cream

Image credit: @dremychoco

IceDEA is well-known for their ice creams that look insanely like savoury dishes like their Tonkatsu Ice Cream (฿149) – fried ice cream bar coated in breadcrumbs served with fruits and “tonkatsu sauce” that’s made from chocolate.

IceDEA steak ice cream

Image credit: @mobecheung

If tonkatsu isn’t enough, they also have a US Steak Ice Cream (฿159) which features a chocolate ice cream “steak” and a side of banana “fries”.

Aside from these, the shop is also famous for their realistic looking popsicles that look like animals, flowers, and Thai fruits. 

IceDEA ice creams

Ice cream collections from IceDEA
Image credit: @alinaxmile

From its crazy creations to interior decor, IceDEA is one of the most creative ice cream shops in town. Located in Bangkok Art & Culture Centre, the shop is furnished to look like a 2D drawing 

IceDEA ice cream cafe

Image credit: @enjoyteatime

Base prices for their regular ice creams start from ฿49 per scoop and ฿79 for a waffle cones.

Address: 4 Fl. Bangkok Art & Culture Centre, Rama 1 Rd., Wangmai, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330.
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun: 11AM – 7PM (Closed on Monday)
Nearest Train Station: National Stadium BTS Station
Telephone:  +66 89 834 5950

2. JingJing Ice Cream Bar and Cafe – porridge sorbet

JingJing Ice Cream Bar and Cafe porridge sorbet

This super cold rice porridge sorbet even smells just like rice
Image credit: @ohnlyonly

Porridge is known to warm us up, but JingJing’s Ice Cream Bar and Cafe’s version will cool us down on a hot day. This isn’t ice cream that just looks like porridge either, their Porridge Sorbet comes with real pickled Chinese olive leaves and mushrooms braised in sesame oil.

If you’re in for something more for the tastebuds, prep your tongues for their Sriracha Sauce Sorbet. This is made from spicy Sriracha sauce and comes with a sweet omelette to help with the spice. 

JingJing Ice Cream Bar and Cafe sriracha ice cream

Spice your ice cream up with the Sriracha sauce
Image credit: 真真 JingJing Ice-cream Bar and Cafe

There are many other savoury ice cream flavours that are offered on rotation for customers to discover, such as their Ponzu Sorbet that comes with a slice of pork, and Carbonara Ice Cream that’s topped with crispy bacon. 

Ice creams here start from ฿50 for a scoop, and cost ฿80 for alcoholic flavours.

JingJing Ice Cream Bar and Cafe sorbet

Images adapted from: 真真 JingJing Ice-cream Bar and Cafe

JingJing is a small and cosy ice cream cafe hidden in Charoenkrung Soi 14, which is near Bangkok’s Chinatown, Yaowarat Road. Look out for the red neon sign that reads the Chinese characters “真真” and step inside. 

JingJing Ice Cream Bar and Cafe

Image credit: @plukstory

JingJing Ice-cream Bar and Cafe
Address: 154 Charoenkrung 14, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100
Opening Hours:  Sun – Mun 9.30AM – 5PM, Wed – Sat 9.30AM – 7.30PM (Closed on Tuesday)
Nearest Train Station: Wat Mongkhon MRT Station
Telephone: +66 81 974 1929

3. Deksomboon – black soy sauce ice cream

Deksomboon black soy sauce ice cream

Black soy sauce and plum ice cream
Image credit: Wongnai

From the outside, one might not expect this simple store to sell ice cream as it mainly focuses on selling items like seasonings and sauces. However once you enter Deksomboon, you’ll see a soft serve machine selling a unique flavour – black soy sauce.

Having tried it, it actually tastes a little bit like salted caramel ice cream thanks to its salty and sweet flavour.  If you want it to be more of a challenge, you can even add extra soy sauce on top. Cornflakes and chocolate sprinkles are also offered.

Deksomboon shop

Keep your eyes peeled for their chubby boy mascot to find the shop
Image credit: Deksomboon Fan Page

The price is really affordable at just ฿20. For something more refreshing and less crazy, you can get some Plum Soft Serve, which is a nice dessert after hunting down street food in the area. 

Deksomboon sauce

Image credit: ผู้บริโภค

The brand has also recently launched an unusual ice cream sauce: Red Velvet Kiss that’s made from Sriracha chilli, along with Romantic Night, their signature black soy sauce topping.

Address: 438 Yaowarat Rd., Samphantawong, Bangkok 10100.
Opening Hours:  8AM – 11PM, Daily
Nearest Train Station: Ari BTS Station
Telephone: +66 95 365 0761

4. Ampersand Gelato – spinach pina colada and thai garlic

Ampersand Gelato

Image credit: @ampersandgelato 

Ampersand Gelato is a sleek store with a white and gold interior that resembles a plane. This will make you feel like you’re eating onboard, which makes sense as the store’s concept is to bring flavours from all around the world to Bangkok. 

One of their signature picks are the Japanese-inspired Wasabi Shiso Passion Fruit which combines the unique flavours of wasabi and shiso leaves together, along with a sour tang from the passion fruit. 

Ampersand Gelato wasabi and shiso ice cream

Image credit: Ampersand Gelato

And if you prefer veggies over fruits, then go for their Spinach Pina Colada – a pina colada ice cream with coconut, pineapple, and organic spinach. 

If you’d rather stick to non-alcoholic flavours, another one you can try is their Maple Syrup And Candied Bacon. It is sweet from the maple syrup  gelato base, but as an interesting texture thanks to the chewy bacon bits.

Ampersand Gelato ice cream

Flavours inspired by places around the world
Image credit: @bangkokeat.official

New flavours are always being cooked up here, like their latest Thai Garlic gelato. It is not hot and spicy like the usual chilli variety, but it does have a strong candied garlic flavour – so garlic haters beware. 

Their gelatos are made from fresh organic ingredients with no added preservatives. And because they are prepared daily, some flavours come in limited batches. There are three options you can order: Cone (฿99), Cup (S: ฿89, L:฿159), and Pint (฿309)

Ampersand Gelato
Address: 283/6 First Floor, Unit 0104, Thonglor 13, Khlong Tan Nuea Sub-district, Wattana District, Bangkok 10110.
Opening Hours: 10AM – 10PM, Daily
Nearest Train Station:  Thonglor BTS Station
Telephone: +66 62 652 4141

5. Rintaro – sugar-free Japanese-inspired flavours

Rintaro bangkok

Image credit: @punproxl

Rintaro is a Japanese gelato shop that’s popped up at Sky Walk Condominium near Phra Khanong BTS and Gourmet Market at Siam Paragon, making it easily accessible.

There are over 20 flavours available on rotation. The interesting things about their gelatos is that there is no sugar added, so you’ll get to take the natural sweetness of the ingredients.

Rintaro ice creams

Image credit: @punproxl

Bergamot flavour a Thai style flavour that has a nice aromatic fragrance and fizzy sour taste from the citrusy bergamot. Another surprising flavour is Coriander Mojito. It’s sweet taste and refreshing scent might make coriander much more enjoyable, especially in ice cream form. 

Tomato And Basil is a combination that adventurous foodies should try. Don’t be scared if you are not an explorer with food, there are tons of “normal” flavours to choose from too, like Hokkaido Lavender Tea, Chocolate Mint, Japanese Chestnuts, and Pumpkin Pudding, and many more. Every cone here cost only ฿100 and you can choose 2 flavours. 

Address: 1595/521 Sukhumvit Rd., Sky Walk Condominium unit No.B04-01, Phra Khanong Nuea Sub-district, Watthana District, Bangkok 10110
Opening Hours: 11AM – 11PM (Closed on Monday)
Nearest Train Station: Phra Khanong BTS Station
Telephone:  +66 92 464 1644

6. One Dee Cafe – Thai dessert ice creams

One Dee Cafe thai pancake ice cream

Thai Pancake With Coconut Cream
Image credit: @onedeecafe

Located in the cafe-neighbourhood of Ari is One Dee, a cafe that is known for giving traditional Thai desserts a modern twist. They have turned popular dishes into tasty ice cream like Mango Sticky Rice Ice Cream (฿189) and Thai Pancake With Coconut Cream (฿189)

Their desserts have stunning presentations. The latter even comes topped with gold leaf, and has fresh coconut ice cream and a soft, spongy pancake. 

one dee cafe

This 2-storey ice cream cafe is quaint and quiet, with simple wooden furniture
Image credit: Thai Love Bijin

One Dee also offers more hard-to-find flavours like Khanom Chang Ma (฿119). This is a very old dessert that comes with caramelised palm sugar ice cream, chewy rice noodles, and coconut cream. It’s both sweet and salty – two flavours that go together perfectly. 

one dee cafe khanom chang ma

Khanom Chang Ma
Image credit: @onedeecafe

Dessert hunters looking for more traditional flavours should keep this place on their list.

One Dee Cafe
Address: Phahon Yothin 7, Soi Ari 1, Phraya Thai, Bangkok, 10400.
Opening Hours: 10AM – 10PM, Daily
Nearest Train Station: Ari BTS Station
Telephone: +66 2 163 4357

7. Parden – over-the-top fruity parfaits

parden bangkok

Image credit: @jiranarong2

Parden is a Japanese cafe and lifestyle store that’s full of Japanese-style knick-knacks ranging from house decorations to costumes and accessories. 

Aside from tons of things to buy, this is the place for fruit lovers to enjoy a over-the-top fruity ice cream parfaits. The shop focuses on Thai fruits from each season and offers ice cream flavours that are hard to find.

parden santol parfait

Image credit: @buandy

For example, the Thai Santol Parfait (฿290) features layers of preserved santol in sugar, santol ice cream, and fresh santol on top. 

Santol is a naturally sour fruit that looks mangosteen, but has been flavoured with some sugar here. It’s got a nice refreshing and sour taste from the fruit, and the textures of the creamy ice cream and fresh fruit go together really nicely. 

parden fruit parfait

Fig and mangosteen parfaits
Image credit: @ekkie_bkk

Other fruit parfaits you can get include mangosteen, fig, mango, and many others are offered on rotation. Check out their flavours of the day here.

Address: 32/1 The Manor 2nd., Soi Sukhumvit 39, Sukhumvit Rd., Klongton Nua Sub-district, Wattana District, Bangkok 10110.
Opening Hours: Wed – Fri 11.00AM – 5.45PM| Sat 12AM – 6.30PM| Sun 12AM – 5.45PM
Nearest Train Station: Prompong BTS Station
Telephone: +66 2 204 2205

Unique ice creams to try in Bangkok

As a hot country, Thailand is the perfect place to enjoy a cool ice cream treat. With this list, you can have more choices other than the regular coconut ice cream. Plus, these crazy ice creams also come with super cool looks which you can snap for Instagram!

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