Husband hides cash from wife in table’s legs

There are many reasons why certain people secretly save their own money.

One popular reason is to save up to buy premium goods they have always longed to own.

But, no matter how good they are at hiding their stash of savings – like most secrets – it’ll finally be discovered one day.

To prove the point, here’s the story of a husband caught red-handed for hiding cash in a table’s legs by his wife.

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Wife discovers partner’s secret money stash

A Thai man who secretly saved money was hilariously caught red-handed by his wife, while hiding bundles of cash within a table’s legs.



Discover More On TikTok

Uploaded on TikToker’s account, @Dyo4b8slmshe, the TikTok video showed the man removing several wads of cash he had saved for two years from each leg of the table.

man hides money from wife in table's legs
Screenshot: @Dyo4b8slmshe

“Now I know why certain amounts of our money was nowhere to be found”, the man’s wife jokingly told him while the video was being recorded.

The man ends up buying iPhones for his wife & himself

Following the discovery, the man ended up buying two iPhones for both himself and his wife.

man hides money from wife in table's legs
Screenshot: @Dyo4b8slmshe

Though we do not know how much money he had hidden from his wife, we must say that he picked the right spot to hide it over the years.

Netizens praise the man for his skill at saving money

The viral clip went on to garner over 38K likes, and many netizens praised the man for his money-saving skills.

Screenshot: @Dyo4b8slmshe

Translation: It’s amazing how he saved this much money.

Looking at the sheer amount of cash, one netizen commented that the man seems good at saving money.

Screenshot: @Dyo4b8slmshe

Translation: In the future, I’ll buy this type of table.

Another netizen suggested that he would buy the same table to save up his money.

Screenshot: @Dyo4b8slmshe

Translation: I think it’s a good thing. that money can be used in emergency cases.

One TikToker thought that what the man did would bring him benefits in the future, especially since the amount would come in handy in emergency situations.

A great hiding spot in the household

From the story, we have learned not only how to secretly save money in a very secure spot, but also ad hoc problem solving skills – in case our secret is discovered by our loved ones.

If you have other suggestions for where to hide money in your house, do let us know in the comments section.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): @Dyo4b8slmshe, @Dyo4b8slmshe

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