Hungry Hub Rooftop Festival 2021

When visiting Bangkok, heading to a rooftop bar to enjoy a panoramic view of the vast cityscape is a must. The experience seems to be such a huge part of the lifestyle that it was featured in The Hangover

If sipping mocktails at swanky rooftop bars seems a little out of the budget, Hungry Hub’s Bangkok Rooftop Festival 2021 offers discounted packages at over 20 of the city’s most famous sky high restaurants – some for less than ฿1,000 (~USD31) – until 15th December 2021

Here’s the low down on some of the deals that caught our attention.

Rooftop bars in Thailand:

1. VELA Rooftop Bar

Bangkok is a city that never sleeps; it seems like there’s always something new being added to the skyline. 

What if we told you that instead of burning gasoline at an ever-red stoplight to admire the cityview, you’ll get to save that petrol money to get a hi-so rooftop dining experience instead.

vela-rooftop-barImage credit: Hungry Hub 

VELA Rooftop Bar which is a stone’s throw away from BTS Sanam Pao has a special deal from Monday to Wednesday where visitors can enjoy three dishes and free-flow mocktails for ฿890 (~USD27) as opposed to the usual ฿1,874 (~USD57).

vela-rooftop-barImage credit:

It’s as if VELA understands that the first couple days of the week are the hardest. *sigh* 

vela-rooftop-barVELA Rooftop Bar three dishes with free-flow mocktails – ฿890 (U.P. ฿1,874)
Image credit: Hungry Hub

With this promo, there’s no need to wait for that hump-day happy hour special to indulge in after-hours drinks when the destination is basically on the BTS line. 

2. Vertigo – Banyan Tree Bangkok

Vertigo Rooftop at Banyan Tree Bangkok, a hotel that’s usually at least four pages away when we search for hotels and sort the prices from low-high, has a promo starting at ฿1,999 (~USD61).

Vertigo 3 Dishes with Free Flow Mocktail Package – ฿1,999 (U.P .฿7,415)
Image credit: Hungry Hub

During the Bangkok Rooftop Festival, guests can choose three menu items – like Grilled Sea Bass and Australian Prime Rib – as well as indulge in free-flow mocktails. 

Vertigo (6)Image credit: Hungry Hub 

Just thinking about the package’s usual price –  ฿7,415 (~USD225) – is giving us vertigo. 

vertigo-banyan-treeImage credit: Hungry Hub

3. Mojjo Rooftop Bar – Skyview Hotel

Another conveniently located place worth checking out during the festival is Mojjo Rooftop Bar at the Sky View Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 24. 

rooftop-bars-thailandMojjo Rooftop All You Can Eat Package – ฿1,190
Image credit: Hungry Hub

During the festival, the rooftop bar is offering an All-You-Can-Eat package that includes bottomless mocktails that starts at ฿1,190 (~USD36)

Mojjo-26Image credit: Hungry Hub 

Here, guests can enjoy favourites like Jalapeno Poppers, Chilli Con Nachos and Beef Cheek Tacos. 

mojjo-skyview-hotelImage credit: Hungry Hub

4. RIB ROOM & BAR – The Landmark

Another luxe sky-high restaurant is the RIB ROOM & BAR at The Landmark

rib-room-and-barImage credit: Hungry Hub

At the New York-style steakhouse, visitors can bask in the warm glow of the lights as well as the Wolf Of Wall Street vibes that the leather furniture is serving. 

rib room (2)
Image credit: Hungry Hub 

More importantly, they can enjoy Bangkok’s skyline along with three dishes that’d typically be reserved for special occasions for ฿899 (~USD27) instead of the usual ฿1,908 (~USD58).

rib-room-and-bar3 Dishes + Bottomless Mocktails at RIB ROOM & BAR –  ฿899 (U.P. ฿1,908)
Image credit: @hungryhub 

The restaurant has grilled whole-prawns as part of their Three Dishes and Unlimited Mocktails promotion. 

5. Octave Rooftop Bar and Lounge – Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit

Another place that just about every influencer has posted a picture wistfully looking over the glass balcony holding a mocktail at is Octave Rooftop Lounge & Bar at the Marriott

octave-bangkok3 Dishes + Free Flow Mocktails at Octave Rooftop Bar – ฿899 (U.P.฿1,836)
Image credit: Hungry Hub

During the festival, the lounge is offering their Three Dishes with Free Flow Mocktails package at ฿899 (~USD27), which is about 55% off of the usual ฿1,836 (~USD56)

Image credit: Hungry Hub

Octave visitors can choose three menu items like Wagyu Beef or Prawn Sliders and Cured Scallops and enjoy unlimited mocktails for 90 minutes. 

6. AkaAza Rooftop Bar – Amara Bangkok Hotel

AkaAza Rooftop Bar housed in Amara Bangkok, a 10-minute walk from BTS Chong Nonsi and MRT Sam Yan, is also running a promo via Hungry Hub where visitors can enjoy three dishes of their choice along with unlimited mocktails for 90 minutes for just ฿599 (~USD18) – usually priced at ฿2,445 (~USD75).

AkaAza-Rooftop-BarImage credit: Hungry Hub

From our experience, bottomless mocktails combined with the novelty of being high up in the sky basically has the same effects as drinking alcohol. Basically

Plus, mocktails are easier on our wallets and won’t make you feel like Leonardo Di Caprio in The Revenant the next day.

AkaAza-Rooftop-BarThree dishes with bottomless mocktails at AkaAza Rooftop Bar – ฿599 (U.P. ฿2,445)
Image credit: Hungry Hub

7. Red Sky Rooftop Restaurant & Bar – Centara Grand at CentralWorld

It wouldn’t be a complete rooftop festival without us featuring a restaurant with a glowing red arch that changes colour over the night. 

Yes, we’re talking about Red Sky Rooftop Restaurant Centara Grand at CentralWorld.

red-sky-barRed Sky Rooftop Restaurant 3-Course Meal & Unlimited Mocktails –  ฿1,999 (U.P. ฿6,616)
Image credit: Hungry Hub

For ฿1,999 (~USD61) – as opposed to the usual ฿6,616 (~USD202) – diners can choose three dishes, like Seared Snow Fish Filled Poached Maine Lobster, and enjoy unlimited mocktails for 90 minutes.

red-sky-barImage credit: Hungry Hub

Take advantage of Hungry Hub’s Bangkok Rooftop Festival 2021

While we’d love to take in the city’s cosmopolitan vibes at hundreds of metres above the ground with a fancy mocktail in our hands, the experience is a bit over our usual budgets. 

However, Hungry Hub’s Bangkok Rooftop Festival makes this typically hi-so experience a little more accessible from 15th November – 15th December 2021. With tons more deals available on Hungry Hub’s website, you can also browse them on your phone via Hungry Hub’s app that’s free for download on Google Play and the App Store.

FYI, top-spenders are entered into the app’s weekly lucky draw. Prizes include a staycation in the Skyview Hotel’s Premier Room worth over ฿2,699 (~USD83) and a night in the Landmark Hotel’s Premium Room valued over ฿4,750 (~USD146).

hungry-hub-rooftop-festivalImage credit: Hungry Hub

The final prize, which will be drawn on 16th December 2021, is a one-night stay in Banyan Tree’s Presidential Suite worth more than ฿100,000 (~USD3,000).

With the end of year festivities expected to kick off in full swing soon, it’s best to start planning your outings with your loved ones ASAP.

Note that the prices listed on this article are subject to change. Please check the website for the latest information before booking.

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