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Thai HomeCOVID van is cancelledImages adapted from: หมอแล็บแพนด้า

Recently, the HomeCOVID van for easy virus testing at home was launched by the Panda Doctor, as seen on his page หมอแล็บแพนด้า (Mor Lab Panda) in order to make COVID-19 virus testing more convenient. Moreover, this home testing also aimed to decrease the opportunity of high-risk groups spreading the virus too. 

However, this has now been halted in order to comply with the rules under the recently implemented State of Emergency

Officials suggest getting tested at labs directly

On 26th March 2020, the Panda Doctor or MT Pakpoom Dejhasadin (a.k.a. Dr. Max) posted on his page to clarify that the HomeCOVID van was now on break as hospitals who planned to work with him needed to check and confirm that everything is in line with the State of Emergency and other related laws. 

HomeCOVID for COVID-19 testing at home is cancelled

Translation: HomeCOVID was my idea with the intention to decrease and prevent the spreading of the virus from the risky groups when travelling to hospitals. 

He then explained that hospitals were interested in this idea, thus sent them an example set-up of the van to give them a clearer idea. He clarified that he did not aim to take the samples by himself. 

HomeCOVID Van Stops ServicesImage credit: หมอแล็บแพนด้า

As reported on ThaiPBS, Dr. Anupong Sujariyakul, Senior Expert In Prevention Medicine from the Department of Disease Control, explained that if the staff collecting the samples are not properly trained or well-equipped, the risks of getting infected and spreading virus are increased. 

He suggested getting tested at the 44 laboratories available at hospitals approved by the Department of Medical Science instead. 

Here’s where you can get tested in Bangkok:

Be socially responsible for everyone’s safety 

As suggested, if you are in a high-risk group or have been I. close contact with previous patients, self-quarantine and getting tested are recommended. 

It is also important to reveal information related to recent travels or contact to the medical staff for everyone’s safety. 

Stay tuned for more updates on the COVID-19 situation and take good care of yourself. 

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