Cheesy omelette in Charoen Nakhon

hoi tod chaw lae cover

Hoi Tod Chaw Lae started off as a humble food cart in Phuket in 1973 and it was well-received before the recipe was passed down to Ms. Roong, the 2nd generation owner. 

Ms. Roong then decided to open a hoi tod (seafood pancake) stall in Charoen Nakhon after moving to Bangkok. It has been 16 years since the opening day – making the recipe 46-years-old! 

hoi tod chaw lae store

Now, Ms. Cake is helping her mother with the business after graduating from university. As the 3rd generation owner, she has since added many awesome items into the menu including crispy seafood omelette with cheese.

Seafood omelette with awesome cheese pulls

Let’s start with the Crispy Seafood Omelette With Cheese (Regular: ฿135 ~USD4.47 | Large: ฿150 ~USD4.97), a hot dish of stirred-fried prawns, squid, and mussels on a crispy omelette and beansprouts, topped with melting mozzarella cheese and chopped scallions. Sound like a mouthful? It was – and a delicious one at that.

hoi tod chaw lae cheese pull

All the seafood items were soft and fresh – everything was extremely juicy in each bite. As a light scented cheese, the mozzarella didn’t overpower the seafood, but rather, brought everything together with its buttery texture. 

If you wish to take that stringy cheese pull shot, don’t wait until the dish gets cold. Otherwise, the cheese will become clumpy – so eat it quick.

hoi tod chaw lae omelette

Adding a crunchy texture to the dish was an extra-thin layer of fried egg and flour. Unlike other restaurants we’ve been to, the cook didn’t pour the whole batch onto the pan, but let it “rain” from the rim of the ladle to form a crispy web atop the omelette.

Another dish we tried was O Lua (Regular: ฿100 ~USD3.31 | Large: ฿120 ~USD3.98), stirred-fried oysters in a gooey flour and egg mixture, served with beansprouts and fried egg.

hoi tod chaw lae o lua

The fried flour and egg on top were definitely softer than our cheesy omelette. The succulent oysters were fresh with no fishy seafood scent, and the fried egg beneath added a nice crunch that balanced out the overall gooey dish. 

hoi tod chaw lae oyster

For the best experience, don’t forget to pour sweet and spicy chilli sauce all over the dish and mix everything on the plate together first so you can get the textures all in one bite.

Ambience at Hoi Tod Chaw Lae

hoi tod chaw lae store kitchen

Hoi Tod Chaw Lae is situated in an air-conditioned shophouse while the cooking area is out open in the front – perfect to stop by even on the hottest day.

Decorated in a cute fisherman’s village theme, the interior has white fishnets on the ceiling and mini lifebuoys on the walls alongside the owner’s photos with many TV personalities.

hoi tod chaw lae

If you find yourself visiting IconSiam mall or any other nearby destinations, make sure to head to Hoi Tod Chaw Lae on Charoen Nakhon Road and get yourself a plate of scrumptious cheesy seafood omelette. 

Check out their other branches here.

Hoi Tod Chaw Lae
Address: 1301 Charoen Nakhon Road, Bang Lamphu Lang, Khlong San, Bangkok 10600
Opening Hours: 09.30AM – 10.30PM, Daily
Nearest Train Station: 15 minutes from Saphan Taksin BTS station by foot and ferry.
Telephone: +66-91-806-4901 | +66-2-860-1029 | +66-91-505-0317

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