New beachstay in Thai paradise

Some people have been saving for a lifetime to travel to the blue havens of exquisite islands and archipelagos like Bora Bora, Maldives, and the Bahamas. 

But if you’re not eager to wait that long, we have the perfect alternative for you right here in Thailand at Hideout Koh Kood, a new resort hiding away on a secret beach in Trat.

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Hideout Koh Kood highlights

Opened just last year, Hideout Koh Kood is a modern resort on a hidden beach in Koh Kood, one of Thailand’s less-visited islands. This resort in Koh Kood is the epitome of Siam paradise: an untouched beach surrounded by seas in mint condition and an old fishermen village nearby.

hideout bird view
Image credit: Hideout Koh Kood

The highlight of the untouched paradise would have to be its clear, turquoise waters guarded by a blanket of tall palm trees.

kayak on sea
Image credit: Go Rogue: ไปให้สุด

While you’re there, you can pick up a kayak or a SUP board provided for free – courtesy of Hideout Koh Kood – and venture out into the open water. The best time would be in the late afternoon to experience a sunset in the middle of the sea.

sunset on sea
Image credit: Go Rogue: ไปให้สุด

Spending time on the shore there can be just as fulfilling with hammocks and swings waiting for you to plop down. 

Image credit: @lucie_dbml

The swings also look great in pictures.
Image credit: @jumtjim

Within the property, you can find a rocky reef that is a Sam Phan Bok doppelganger; here, you can dip your toes in while posing for the camera. If you want something more tropical, then head over to the low-hanging palm trees on the beach.

rocky reef
Image credit: Hideout Koh Kood

girl palm trees
Image credit: Together : ไปด้วยกัน

Their swimming pool is another nice area to be in with Instagrammable surroundings and a bar nearby to serve delicious cocktails right to your hands.

swimming pool bar
Image credit: Hideout Koh Kood

You’re also guaranteed peace at Hideout Koh Kood since the beach is exclusive to the resort.

Minimal rooms and more

The buildings are another nice feature of the resort with the architectural style being minimal – not only aesthetically pleasing but easily takes your IG game to another level.

minimal lobby
The lobby
Image credit: Hideout Koh Kood

There are overall four room types: Beach Front Deluxe Villa, Sea View Deluxe Villa, Superior Villa, and Twin Villa with the starting rate currently at ฿1699 (~USD54) per night. Each room comes with free drinks and snacks that are not only limited to water bottles and small bags of assorted nuts.

minimal buildings
Image credit: Walker Talker : เดินทางเล่าเรื่อง

The resort also provides 3-day-2-night packages that come with an array of benefits with price starting at ฿4,500 (~USD144) per person.

food at hideout
Image credit: Go Rogue: ไปให้สุด

The perks include round-trip public ferry tickets, pickup service from the pier, free kayaks and snorkels, as well as free motorbike rentals, waterfall and snorkeling trips, and six complimentary meals at the resort’s very own restaurant.

minimal interior
Image credit: Go Rogue: ไปให้สุด

Plus, you can take your photoshoot to your rooms since the interiors are as photogenic as its exteriors – being filled with weaved furniture and decor.

photogenic room
Just like being in a Kinfolk magazine set
Image credit: เที่ยวรอบตัว

How to get there

The first step would be to get to Trat province via plane or car; the latter being a four to five hour long drive from Bangkok.

boat rides
Image credit: Go Rogue: ไปให้สุด

Upon arrival, visitors with packages can wait to get on one of the public ferries organized by the resort.

For those without packages, an option would be to hop on one of the speed boats provided by Boonsiri Ferry to get back and forth between Trat and the island. Each ride will take only an hour at ฿500 (~USD15.89) per person.

The rounds include departing at either 10.45AM or 2.20PM and returning at either 9AM or 12PM. There is also a car park with the fee of ฿50 per night for visitors with cars to leave them on land.

Classic secret getaway

Hideout Koh Kood is definitely one of those places that serve secret-getaway vibes on a paradisiacal coast. So, hurry up and book a room now before the discounts end.

Hideout Koh Kood
Address: 51/13, Ko Kut, Ko Kut District, Trat 23000
Telephone: +66-6-45675652
Hideout Koh Kood website

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Cover images adapted from: กิน เที่ยว ถ่าย (Left), Go Rogue: ไปให้สุด (Centre), คุณหมูหนูหนู : KhunmooNoonoo (Right)

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