Khao San hawker will not serve non-Thais

While the last couple months of 2021 gave Thailand a taste of semi-normalcy, the first month of 2022 is already marked by the rapid spreading of the new variant.

Officials have responded by implementing restrictions, and locals seem to have done the same.

Here’s the story of a hawker in Bangkok, and their way of keeping those around them safe.

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Hawker puts up a sign that says “Sold only Thai people”

On 11th January 2022, Richard Barrow in Thailand posted a picture that shows a hawker stall’s sign that reads, “Sold only Thai people”.

The picture was submitted to the page by an anonymous source, who claims to have noticed the sign while walking down Khao San Road.

hawker-non-thaisImage credit: Richard Barrow in Thailand

As the image describes, OP’s Thai partner asked the restaurant why they are opting to only serve food to Thais.

The restaurant staff was then said to apologetically state that it’s due to Covid-19 concerns, and that they need to “save their customers”.

Netizens are divided on the hawker’s decision

Here’s what netizens have to say about the hawker’s decision.

Screenshot: Richard Barrow in Thailand

One Facebook user mentioned the downfalls of picking and choosing customers.

Screenshot: Richard Barrow in Thailand

Another commenter stated that she understands where the restaurant is coming from.

Screenshot: Richard Barrow in Thailand

Finally, a netizen stated that they will not be upset over the restaurant’s decision and will instead opt to eat somewhere else.

Keeping yourself and others safe

While restaurants are entitled to decide whether or not to serve someone, it still strikes a nerve when that decision is based on the customer’s race.

We completely understand the concern behind keeping yourself and other safe. However, we also believe that following safety measures is more effective than screening your customers based on their race.

In the meantime, we’ll be avoiding crowded restaurants and enjoying our favourite meals from the comfort of our homes through food delivery services.

Cover image adapted from: The Guardian
Image used for illustration purposes only. 

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