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Aside from the highly suggested stay-at-home policy, washing your hands is another effective measure to deal with COVID-19. But even so, are you sure that you’re washing it properly for at least 20 seconds? 

Counting down the seconds while washing your hands might seem ridiculous, but don’t worry. Thai artists have started the 20-Sec Safe Song project, creating songs that are 20 to 30 seconds long – just enough time to ensure you’ve washed your hands enough. 

Different genres for your liking

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The 20-Sec Safe Song project was started by singer and song producer Jakkrit Songcharoen along with stand-up comedian Katanyu Sawangsri

Based on suggestions by public health organisations like WHO to wash your hands for 20 seconds in order to get them clean effectively, the duo got the idea to compose a song for people to make the job easier.

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Image credit: World Health Organization 

They launched the first episode on 25th March 2020, which included songs from 12 Thai artists – like “If You Wash Your Hands You’ll Be Just Fine” by Chucheewa.

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With various artists joining in the fun, there are many genres for you to pick from for your hand washing time. The second EP will be released really soon, so stay tuned for an update on their Facebook page

Staying safe with their 20-second songs

Chucheewa - If you wash your hands you'll be just fine
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Chucheewa - If you wash your hands you'll be just fine

During this scary time when we’re required to stay at home, there are still many things for us to enjoy while indoors.

So listen to these 20-second songs and stay safe while you’re at it!

Enjoy your self-isolation with these:

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