Social media makes a dream comes true 

Gundam donation

Image adapted from Nattapol Kamolthon

Thai netizens in a Facebook group for buying and selling Gundam models have come together to donate their figurines to Toby, a 5-year-old leukemia patient, cheering him up to keep fighting. 

Tons of Gundam models were donated after the group members saw a post from Toby’s father Nattapol Kamolthon:

gundam donation for Toby

Translation: My child has leukemia. I would like to buy or call for a donation of finished Gundam models. Even if some parts are missing, it’s ok.

He also included the price ฿200 as an offer price as he was willing to pay for the models. 

He also explained that Toby, who currently can’t go to school, is really into Gundam. However, he and his wife couldn’t find time to build the models for their son, which was the reason he made the post on Facebook.

Toby’s Gundam paradise

gundam donation for Toby

Image credit: Nattapol Kamolthon

After the group members saw the post, more than a dozen models were sent to Toby’s house and many collections are still on the way. Kamothon posted on the group again to say thank you, and that all of the donors are heroes to Toby.

gundam donation to Toby

Image credit: Nattapol Kamolthon

Translation: The Gundam figurines have made Toby’s heart swell in excitement. These are just the first batch and we have more coming tomorrow. My family and I never imagined that fans were willing to donate items they really loved to others. Some came from other provinces, and even abroad. Some of Gundam fans also visited us at home. Thank you all donors. 

He continued, telling readers how much this meant to Toby.

I really want everybody to know how much happiness Toby had in his eyes as he opened every box. For him, this is a dream come true. Thank you for making him forget about his illness. Thank you for cheering him up to move forward. 

Toby’s father even mentioned that each donor was a hero to the little boy.

Gundam donation makes Toby smile again

Gundam donation for Toby

Image credit: Nattapol Kamolthon

Before the Gundam model donation, his father used to promote and sell “SAVE TOBY” wristbands to raise money for the medication costs. The campaign was successful with the help of many Facebook users. 

Now Toby is under the medical treatment and his father still updates their followers on his medical journey. 

Everybody can be a hero. It doesn’t matter how big or small your help is because the most important thing is what you did – like toys being an enormous form of encouragement for Toby.