Government provides aid for under-privileged people

As Thailand enters the second month of daily Covid-19 case spikes, the Government continues to conceptualise ways to keep the nation safe from health and economic threats. With lockdown measures implemented across the nation combined with the economic impact of the novel coronavirus on the job market, it can be hard for some people to obtain necessities like groceries and sanitation products. 

On 25th January 2021, the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (MSDHS) announced their new project – grocery vans carrying essential items to low-income families in red zone provinces.

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented compassion 

It’s no secret that Thai tourism took a massive hit when the pandemic hit – many businesses had to close their doors and lots of employees lost their livelihoods. What isn’t spoken so much about are the non-tourism businesses who are affected by Covid-19, and families who have been affected by the virus. 

Smiling child from grocery delivery
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The Royal Thai Government has put in place stimulus packages such as “Rao-Mai-Ting-Gun’, ‘Rao-Chana’ as well as unemployment benefits. 

The most recent announcement on the PR Thai Government Facebook page stated that the MSDHS’s project would focus solely on those who are struggling financially and unable to travel in red zone provinces. The Ministry will provide consumer goods, hygiene products as well as face masks to those affected by the virus. 

Ministry of Social Security to help less fortunate
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Another aim of this pilot project is to hear how members of the community would like the government to assist.

Together against the virus

It’s been said by so many people so many times that “we’re in this together”. While it seems like a slogan at this point, the statement is very much true – the more willing each person is willing to do their part, the better chance we stand against the virus. What would strengthen our society is if we empower each other – whether it’s through monetary or emotional kindness. 

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