Grandmother accidentally gets two AstraZeneca shots

At some – many – points in our lives, we make all mistakes. It’s inevitable. I mean, at the end of the day, we’re only human – while some mistakes are easy to let go, others are a little harder to move past.

Here’s one error we def wouldn’t turn a blind eye to.

A grandmother accidentally received two AstraZeneca shots in one day while visiting a field hospital in Buri Ram. Although she seems to be happy about it, her son’s expressions say something different.

Read on for the full story.

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Mother gets lost in the crowd and returns with two AstraZeneca shots

On 18th August 2021, an elderly woman was reported to have received two AstraZeneca shots during a visit to a field hospital at Chang Arena, a sports stadium in Buri Ram, according to One31.

mother shows arm shot
Image credit: Matichon

Here’s exactly what happened: Mr. Boonsong Jukul took his elderly parents – both 70 years old – and his 65-year-old uncle to the field hospital for their second Covid-19 shots on 14th August 2021.

While he was pushing his father’s wheelchair, his mother, Mrs. Somwang Jukul, disappeared out of sight.

mother two shots
Image credit: One31

Upon her return, she told her son with a smile that she received two shots on her arms. Oh dear.

mother sweeping floor
Image credit: Sanook

But fret not. Granny Somwang seems to be doing well and is receiving regular check-ups from her general practitioner.

Mr. Jukul warns others to be more careful

While his mother is fortunately alright after the two doses of AstraZeneca, Mr. Jukul – who is also a lawyer – still worries about repeated cases in the future.

Receiving two shots of any inoculation is dangerous, considering the unpredictable effects of incorrect vaccine application.

mother son two shots
Image credit: One31

Therefore, Mr. Jukul wants to use this opportunity to warn healthcare workers and those who take their elderly family members to vaccinations to be more careful.

We cannot always depend on luck

Mrs. Somwang was a lucky woman for receiving three doses – two in one day – of a vaccine and still being able to keep her house clean after just a few days. *Applauses*

However, we cannot say that this will always be the case. While we’re aware of the side-effects that vaccines can cause us, we can never be sure of what’ll happen if we’re administered the incorrect dosage.

With viral vector inoculations being notorious for their side effects, we hope everyone else is just as strong as Mrs. Somwang after receiving the proper dosage of their Covid-19 vaccines.

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