Caring for others during COVID-19

grandma relief moneyImages adapted from: Puenromrok

Doing charity is not about the money, but the heart. In this difficult time, not only are millionaires are donating money and supplies to those in need, but also those with not much are doing what they can too – like the handicapped lottery seller

In Ang Thong, one grandma used money from her relief fund to buy supplies and fill up local sharing pantries.

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Wanted to share supplies with others

On 14th May, Facebook page Puenromrok shared a video of a grandma arranging supplies like instant noodles and soap to fill up a community sharing pantry in front of Sawaeng Ha Police Station. 

The video was recorded by Pol. Lt. Col. Muchusen Morsani. After spotting her, he asked her why she used her money to buy supplies for others when she was also in a difficult situation herself. The grandma replied that the money she has left is more than enough for herself, and that she wanted to share the supplies with others who are in need too.

grandma relief moneyImage credit:Thai Post

When the police officer asked her where she got the money from, she said that it was from the “No One Left Behind” scheme, where the government is giving out ฿5,000 to those who meet the criteria. She had used ฿1,000 from the relief fund she received.

grandma relief money

Image credit:Puenromrok

It was later revealed that the grandma’s name is Mdm. Kanitha Buasakun, who is 63 years old this year. Mr. Morsani shared that Mdm. Kanitha has always taken part in volunteering around the police station and that he was the one who helped her to register for the relief fund. Mdm. Kanitha is also known as a Good Samaritan to the people living in the area as she has always been helping those in need since she was young.

Setting a good example for others

Mdm. Kanitha has set a good example for everyone by showing care and kindness for the people around her. 

Money is not the only way you can contribute to society; you can also volunteer at your local community or simply check in on others around you to see if they need someone to talk to or a helping hand.

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