GrabFood riders provide babysitting service

GrabFood Drivers Help Babysit ChildImages adapted from: คุณโปรดขนมจีบ น่า ม.ราชภัฏ หนูชื่อหญิง

Thai GrabFood riders have been making us smile lots lately. From a GrabBoat, GrabHorse, to this GrabNanny – another cute moment when 2 GrabFood riders help a local dumpling seller take care of her child while she was preparing their orders. 

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Grab drivers babysat while waiting for food

The owner of the dumpling stall said thank you to the GrabFood riders who helped her take care of her child when she was preparing orders for her customers. 

Grab help taking care stall owner's child

Translation: My husband is out and my child is crying and fussy all the time. Thank you so much for helping me. Without your help, I wouldn’t have completed the orders for sure. 

GrabFood Drivers Help Babysit Child
Images adapted from:
คุณโปรดขนมจีบ น่า ม.ราชภัฏ หนูชื่อหญิง

Mr. Saichon Pomtalae, one of the GrabFood riders, reveal on Komchadluek that he was waiting for the orders when spotted a child standing alone. 

He shared that he actually loves to play with children and was worried that the child might be in danger if left alone. So, he decided to take care of him. 

GrabFood Drivers Help Babysit Child
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Grab driver help taking care a child
She also gave dumplings to the riders as a thank you gift

Other than offering the best service to customers, these Grab drivers also offered their hand to help the vendor in a heartwarming act. 

Thank you so much and good luck with your work!

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