New Grab service – GrabDriveYourCar 

GrabDriveYourCar is a new service from GrabImages adapted from PantipOfficial

The year-end season is when your schedule would be full of parties and celebrations. If you don’t want to join the busy crowd on the train or bus, driving your own car is the best choice. 

But bringing your own car might scare you to go all out as one would have to drive back home. After a party with a few drinks, that doesn’t sound like a good idea. However, with this new service from Grab Thailand – GrabDriveYourCar, there is nothing to worry about. 

Book a driver to drive you to any destination 

GrabDriveYourCar is a service that allows you to call a driver to drive your own car. The purpose of the service is mainly focused on the problem of drink driving, and it comes at the right time during this festive season.

Grab service for party goers
Image credit: PantipOfficial

If you are a user of Grab already, you might have noticed a new option on your app homepage –  a “Drive for Me” button. 

New service from Grab to call a driver to drive your car
Image credit: PantipOfficial

Using the service is simple as same as ordering food or taking a Grabcar. Just put in your pick-up point and destination you need them to drive to. 

The service cost starts at ฿350 and will increase by ฿100 for every 5km. Other charges like toll fees will be totalled at the end of your ride.  

Professional drivers you can trust 

As shared on Pantip after using the service, a Grab driver confirmed that every driver taking part in this initiative is guaranteed to be professional. 

New service from Grab to call a driver to drive your car
The official driver should be in a green Grab uniform or have an armband in the same colour
Image credit: PantipOfficial

The driver added that before he became a Grab driver, he had to go through various training programmes and tests in order to be familiar with different types and functions of customers’ cars. He also confirmed that drivers need to have good manners and drive very carefully and smoothly. 

If you still worry about safety, Grab also provides every ride with GrabDriveYouCar insurance for your trip and your car. 

In fact, this service is not only for party goers looking to get home safely. If you need a driver under any circumstances, such as when you are unwell or feel uncomfortable about driving somewhere in particular due to road conditions, this service can be a good alternative to think about.

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