On demand bike service staff ask for operational change

If you’ve been in Thailand for more than 1 day, there is a 90% chance that you’ve come across a GrabBike driver; their green jackets and helmets are ubiquitous. 

After all, GrabBike riders are not only motorcycle taxis, but also delivery men. Whether it’s a late night craving, or extremely urgent convenience store purchase, these drivers can bring it to you

grab drivers protest in thailand
Image credit: Customer Experience Asia 

It would be safe to say that they are a huge part of the city’s operations. During the lockdown period, news outlets praised GrabDrivers for delivering necessities to people who couldn’t leave their homes. 

Recently, though, The Standard reported that GrabDrivers are unhappy with current conditions. 

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Drivers request fairer and faster remuneration

GrabBike drivers ask that they receive the 3% income tax refund at the end of the year, as the law dictates they are entitled to. With regard to GrabFood deliveries, the riders ask food claims to be processed and compensated within 24 hours. 

For drivers operating outside of Bangkok, they ask to be reimbursed equal to their city counterparts. 

grab drivers protest in thailand
GrabBike riders are in direct competition with drivers at Win motorcycle taxi stands.These drivers wear orange vests and are found at stands situated along most streets. Currently, GrabBike’s prices per trip are lower.
Image credit: @aea42 

Riders ask for improvements in Grab application

Customers who order a GrabBike are informed that drivers have to wait 10 minutes before they are charged a “late fee”. Drivers are requesting that the time be reduced to 5 minutes. For cancellations after 3 minutes of ordering a GrabBike, they are charged ฿10-50. GrabBike drivers are asking the minimum be raised to ฿20. 

grab drivers protest in thailand
Image credit: Varuth Hirunyatheb

Something that all Grab users have faced is the incorrect GPS location. Whether it’s a different exit of a large complex, or a location located on a completely different street, location issues are bound to cause frustration, as well as cancellations. For this reason, Grab drivers are asking the company to improve their GPS system. 

grab drivers protest in thailand
Image credit: @dailyfruitsth

GrabBike riders also fulfill GrabMart orders – these are orders that customers place for convenience or grocery stores that are available on the app. They ask that users only place an order at one store to avoid tirelessly heading from location to location to meet a single order’s demands. 

Seeking more support from the company

Grab currently provides a Help Center for both customers and drivers. Users are encouraged to submit their claims via the app, after which they are asked to wait for 24 hours for a response. 

Drivers are asking that a 24 Hour Call Center, with reasonable wait times, be opened for more urgent issues. They also ask to be able to contact the Call Center after being banned from the app following a customer claim. 

grab drivers protest in thailand
GrabBike drivers protest zoning regulations outside of BigC Pattaya
Image credit: Chaiyot Pupattanapong via Bangkok Post

In the event of an accident or death, Grab offers accidental coverage up to ฿50,000 and life insurance of ฿200,000. However, GrabBike drivers have to wait for the company’s parent office in Singapore to process and assess their suits. They ask that these urgent claims be handled locally and quickly. 

Grab and GrabBike to arrange talks 

grab drivers protest in thailand
Image credit: @grabth

The Standard reports that Grab Thailand has acknowledged these requests, and are planning a forum for drivers and upper management. 

GrabBike drivers are not only integral to city operations, but have now become part of the culture. Just as “Google” has become a verb, so has “grab”. 

Let’s hear it for the drivers that help us get to places in record time, deliver our meals and necessities, and really, make our lives so much easier

Featured image adapted from: Customer Experience Asia 

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