Guest wears Grab uniform to a wedding 

Besides the bride and the groom, weddings are also a time for guests to come dressed to the nines in their best outfits. Thai weddings often have colour themes for everyone to follow, just like this couple who had green and white as their colours.

With those colours, what’s a costume that pops into your head? Grab uniform, anyone?

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Brought a delivery bag together to match his uniform  

A viral video was recently shared on different social media sites in Thailand featuring a man wearing a Grab uniform to a wedding. 

Wears Grab Uniform To Wedding

His creative costume definitely matched the wedding’s colour theme, which was green and white. 

Both the guests and the couple seemed very impressed by his uniform,  and could be seen having a hearty laugh. It’s good that they took it in good spirits – it must have brought the couple great happiness to see everyone having a laugh! 

Plus, the “Grab driver” in question snagged tonnes of new followers on Instagram thanks to his ingenious outfit too. 

Wears Grab Uniform To Wedding
He also brought a delivery bag together for a complete look
Image credit: @piyawatt.s 

Netizens impressed with his costume 

No one knows where he actually works as a delivery rider or not. We think he might have done it just for fun – outfit on point!

Many netizens shared his pictures and left comments teasing his costume.

Wears Grab Uniform To Wedding

Translation: Exactly! Green and white. You are so cute. 

Wears Grab Uniform To Wedding

Translation: Time-saving! You can continue working after the wedding. Time is money. 

Wears Grab Uniform To Wedding

Translation: So, we can wear a Foodpanda uniform to a wedding with a pink theme too. 

Who knows, “Delivery rider” might be a good idea dress theme for your next party too!

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Featured image adapted from: @up2youha and @piyawatt.s 

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